Ronin Tactics Ronin (Special Edition-Bushido) Challenge Coin

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  • Limited Edition
  • Unique Serial Numbers
  • Features the U.S. Special Forces Crest
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Ronin Tactics Ronin (Special Edition-Bushido) Challenge Coin


Members of the U.S. military have a longstanding tradition of carrying a special coin symbolizing their unit identity and "esprit de corps". With bonds forged in training and or battle, it is tradition to give or exchange coins amongst unit members.

Today, challenge coins are carried by soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines, as well as lawmen and firefighters. These coins identify the bearer as a member of a particular unit with a well-defined history and mission. And, wherever warriors gather, they challenge each other by coining. The group's unique coin is slammed on a bar to challenge all in the group to display their own coins; he who is last must pay a penalty. The tradition of challenge coins can be traced back to WW2.

Bushido - "The Way of the Warrior". A warrior's code that originated from the Samurai moral values, the word encompasses the code of conduct and soul of the warrior, stressing utmost loyalty to serve for a higher cause other than oneself. To seek perfection in everything you do and emphasizing the mastering of one's skill. This way of conduct allowed the violent existence of the Samurai to be tempered by wisdom and serenity. This balance allowed them to live with honor onto death. The Ronin Bushido coin symbolizes a person's comment to be better than yesterday and to serve humanity with compassion. Understand that one can never serve a higher purpose unless they believe in a CODE.

All Ronin Bushido coins are Serial Numbered with the quote "Speed and Violence" on the side of the coin. The (Red Dragon) in Asian culture symbolizes the War Dragon (Born from War) The Special Forces Crest symbolizes my time serving with the A-Teams. "De oppresso liber" meaning "from (being) an oppressed man, (to being) a free one". Our oath to free those oppressed. The Bushido Code symbolizes the code of conduct needed to serve this Higher Purpose. Dedicating one's life to serve humanity. -Way of Ronin

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  • x1 Ronin Tactics Ronin (Special Edition-Bushido) Challenge Coin

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