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KSC MP7 Review
  • Manufacturer 
  • Model 
  • Capacity 
     40/20 rounds
  • Weight 
     1700g (unloaded)
  • Power 
     310fps (134a) | 350fps (propane)
  • Power Source 
     134a | propane
  • Blowback 
  • Hop-up 
  • Shooting Mode 
     semi / fully automatic
  • Construction 
     plastic / metal


High fps for a small GBB gun
First GBB MP7 available
Authentic Markings
Ease of maintenance
Great accuracy
Easy to control muzzle climb
Revolutionary hop up system housed in the gas tube


High initial costs
Limited production
Box does not do the limited edition gun any justice


The KSC MP7 is a great performing and powerful gun in a small, compact package that's fully capable of holding your own corner with the versatility to suit various other roles other than just a sidearm making this to be one of the most fun PDW type weapons to use in a skirmish field.



The H&K MP7 Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) is a relatively new design for small arms, called Personal Defense Weapons. These special purpose weapons were in use since WW2 for second-line troops where they are not given assault rifles. Previously, these troops were issued with pistols or submachine guns, now that most soldiers wear body armor and/or some other ballistic protection, the regular submachine gun or pistol do not have the stopping power to be effective when say, vehicle crew need to defend themselves. The FN P90 have previously set the benchmark by being the small sized, low recoil and high stopping power weapon suiting this special purpose, capable of penetration of current military body armor and helmets at ranges of 100 meters and beyond, while being much smaller and lighter than issue rifles and other alternatives. The HK MP7, originally known simply as HK PDW, is another entry in the PDW class, and thus is a direct rival to the P90 as it also provides a high velocity armor piercing capability without the high recoil attached to the equation.

Announced and began production in the beginning of the 21st century and by 2007, is officially adopted by German military, special units such as the 'Kommando Spezialkräfte' (aka. KSK), and is also offered for export sales to various other countries. The British Military Police have adopted MP7A1 to its personnel since 2005.

The MP7 features the layout of a typical compact submachine gun (or a large pistol), with magazine being inserted into pistol grip, with an integrated foldable vertical grip and a telescopic butt stock. The action of the MP7 can be seen as a revolutionary design as it is a gas operated, rotating bolt fire arm, strongly resembling the action of the G36 assault rifle but made in a small, compact package.

French SF firing the MP7
A KSK commando seen using the MP7
MOD police seen using the MP7 for training

Initial Impressions

You've just bought a GBB MP7, it's great already! Well only if you're a MP7 lover though. The gun comes in a larger than usual box you'd expect from KSC because it's a MP7! The gun comes with the usual white polystyrene padding from KSC although this is rather bland in terms of packaging for a limited edition gun, it is sufficient to protect the MP7 during transit but not something you would use to use as a display case or a gun case. Upon initial handling, you will feel that the build and quality is better than the other MP7s out there which is what you definitely hope for on a limited edition product. Not convinced that a body of plastic polymer does not creak, putting some pressure on the gun does not make any creaking noises at all. What's metal on the real steel is metal on this GBB version (apart from the internals obviously) and the vertical grip is also stronger compared to the AEP versions with very little to no wobble at all in both folded and extended positions. The stock frame is constructed of solid metal whereas the AEP version is typically made of stamped sheet metal or a solid piece of metal that has been milled out which will weaken over time with use. Not only does the MP7 feel great in your hands from the build quality, the gun has all the correct, authentic markings all over the gun where it should be to compliment the build quality on this gun.

Similar to some KSC pistol boxes, but just bigger!
The MP7, ready to go.
Just add gas and ammo
Note the GmbH markings on the side of the receiver.


So it looks and feels good, you want to see if KSC delivers yet another gem into the GBB world with this MP7. You're questioning how this will perform when compared to its SMG predecessor from KSC, the TMP as that has earned the reputation of being the best GBB SMG on the market. Initial chronoing of the weapon with 134a gives 310fps when using KSC .20g and with the ambient temperature of 23celcius. Surprised that it shoots over 300fps on 134a, propane/green gas was used next on the MP7 to figure out what power it's capable of punching out. With no surprise comparing the 310fps figure on 134a, propane delivers a whooping 350fps under the same conditions as mentioned above. A poor man's chrono was used to double check its muzzle power to make sure the figures were correct, it also produced 2sides penetration on propane and almost complete penetration on the middle of the can bottom using KSC .20g again. With both our chrono and poor man's chrono confirming the perfectly skirmishable powers for both indoors and outdoors, this is getting better by the minute!

So now we know how hard the MP7 shoots, a grouping test was done at 20metres with the MP7 to find out what sized groupings it is capable of producing. Firstly a groupings test was done without any adjustments to the hop and firing 10 rounds on semi auto. The rounds were missing our target that was printed on a piece of A4 paper but had a few shots clipping the edge of the paper. After adjusting the hop (which will be explained in due course) to give the flattest trajectory, the MP7 was capable of producing 3½ inch groupings at 20metres in standing position. Although the MP7 is capable of pumping out 350fps on green gas, the design and position of the butt stock is on the same plane as the muzzle and the cycling bolt, greatly improving muzzle control by reducing the leverage forces when firing. When firing on fully automatic mode, short controlled 3-round bursts are easily capable of hitting an orange sized target at 10-15metres. With practice on this weapon system, even longer bursts with better accuracy may be achieved.

The accuracy of this gun will definitely be better when supported or even clamped but thanks to its long sight base of 21cm (8¼ inch) the margin in the sighting error is significantly lower than the TMP along with its slightly longer barrel. This means that its performance will at least match the TMP, but the question about which is better can only be answered by the user him/herself as each gun suits everybody differently due to everybody's own style and techniques.

Note the clarity of the 3-dot style sights, great for close to medium range for quick target aquisition
Rifle sight, ideal for engaging targets at longer distances.


So what makes this MP7 so special?
Not only does it come with what other AEPs have already produced. (i.e. side rails, full length top rail, removable iron sights etc) The MP7 also features a revolutionary hop up design where it utilizes the imitation gas tube to house the hop up mechanism. The front of the gas block has an adjustable hex screw which runs down the gas tube till the hop up chamber where it has a cam to push down against the hop up rubber, to adjust the hop up on the MP7, KSC has supplied a hop adjustment key with the gun or alternatively, you can use a 5mm allen key for this. By turning the lug clockwise with the gun facing away from you, this reduces the hop and vice versa.

Considering this is the first GBB MP7 on the market, this alone has helped to get the popularity there to some extent. With additional authentic markings on the gun itself, this makes the MP7 an even better replica to collect as well as use or even just to admire its looks. It also strips down as if it was the real thing where upon the removal of the stock pins you are able to extract the stock, stock plate, charging handle and the bolt carrier and the buffer spring. This whole process is relatively tool-free considering you only need something to push the pins out to access the blowback chamber to re-lube the cup that's in green, you can't miss it. With such ease of access to the internals whilst keeping its realism, what can possibly go wrong?

The ease of access and the simplicity in terms of stripping the gun down to its bare components is definitely a plus when it comes to having a skirmishable GBB SMG since maintenance is essential to your gun's performance and the lifetime of your internal mechanisms. Assuming you're somewhere relatively warm, the MP7 comes with a 40round magazine that can hold enough gas to fire off two full loads of ammo before needing another charge of gas. If you however, wish to use a non-protruding magazine that sits flush of the pistol grip, KSC also provides you with a 20round magazine if you feel the 40round magazine is too long for your use.

Fully functional bolt, capable of locking back.
Note: bolt travels back much further than the AEP alternatives.
Authentic H&K markings
Realistic serial plate towards the rear of the receiver.


Not only does this MP7 appeal to the collectors that wish to have a MP7 but cannot due to whatever reasons, as a small GBB weapon, being able to run at 350fps when using propane straight out of the box makes this very useful and thus more appealing to some of the skirmishing players amongst us. Pumping out 310fps on 134a and 350fps makes this versatile to be used for low powered indoor games or for a secondary / powerful backup weapon when used outdoors. Its compact yet accurate and powerful design really does make this a true PDW in the skirmish field.

All in all, the KSC MP7 is a great performing and powerful gun in a small, compact package that's fully capable of holding your own corner with the versatility to suit various other roles other than just a sidearm. With the reliability and power capability, the KSC MP7 may also be a primary weapon for those that wish to have their load out impression as a second-line troop in the skirmish field.

Take down guide

Firstly, we strongly recommend you to check that your MP7 is clear and safe. Ensure there is no round chambered and the fire selector is put on safe.

Note: keeping the hammer down for the take down will allow you to extract the stock, stock plate, buffer spring and bolt carrier out of the rear of the gun much easier.

Stock pin needs to be pushed out
Remember the pins have a retention spring integrated in it. Replace with due caution to avoid damaging the pins.
After the stock pins removed, slowly pull the bolt carrier out by grabbing the butt stock.

Note the hook on the end of the charging handle rod. Detach that from the top of the bolt carrier to set the bolt carrier free.
Be cautious as you release the bolt carrier as it may get launched forwards from the buffer spring.
Note: the buffer spring just sits in its own cavity and is not completely secure so be careful when extracting the bolt carrier.

Next, extract the grub screws on the bolt release as well as the fire selector. If possible, use a magnetic allen key so it reduces the chances on losing this small part.
Tap out the trigger bar.
Please note that one side has grooves on it. If the leading end does not have grooves on it, tap the pin out the opposite direction to reduce the scratches internally.
Unscrew the flash hider.
Note: the KSC MP7 uses a positive thread, so it is unscrewed just like a bottle of soda.

The lower set of the internals can now be extracted.
Note the hop up adjustment cam. The hop up adjustment utilizes the imitation gas tube to house its mechanism.
Final note: Please ensure your blowback Oring (or cup in this case) is lubed well as this is one of the vital parts to a working GBB airsoft weapon.