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VFC M82A1 8mm Gas Powered Sniper Rifle In Stock Now! (2005-05-30)

VFC M82A1 8mm Gas Sniper Rifle - IN STOCK NOW!

Coming from the same company that brought you GB-TECH products, the new VFC M82A1 is a gas-powered monster that is capable of firing an 8mm BB at amazing velocities. Constructed entirely from solid steel and aluminum, this rifle weighs a whopping 9Kg (the real steel weighs about 12Kg), which is just a couple Kg short of the real steel version. It is capable of using a large variety of gases - from the standard low pressure HFC134a gas all the way up to powerful high compression RED GAS.
RedWolf Airsoft is the authorized dealer for VFC and is offering this new rifle (now shipping). Dealer inquiries welcome. We have physically tested this awesome rifle in GB-TECH's laboratories and have been surprised by the power and accuracy of this hefty beast of a gun. This M82A1 is capable of using RED GAS and TOP GAS with maximum power potential of over 430fps - 450fps using 0.34g 8mm BBs for certain markets. Huge removable 40 round capacity magazine is heavy and solid, while the open bolt design reveals a large dummy shell that is not removeable. Adjustable hop-up allows fine-tuning of accuracy though VFC warns about setting the hop-up too strong since the immense power of the gun will send BBs flying everywhere when too much spin in induced! Steel carry folding handle and recoilable spring-loaded barrel. Huge folding steel bipod. Gas is charged directly into huge reservoir stored in stock of the gun. Flip up range sights. When asked why VFC chose to design their M82A1 for 8mm BBs, VFC's designers said "It just doesn't feel right for such a large bore rifle to be shooting tiny 6mm BBs. Relative to the other 6mm airsoft guns, this 8mm BB shooting Barrett can rightfully be defined as LARGE CALIBER! The M82A1 will be capable of taking out targets from seriously long range with good accuracy.". In other words, this is as real as it gets! Limited production run and individually serial numbered! Warning: This is an extremely heavy and large rifle.
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