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Tokyo Marui M733 AEG (2003-04-15)

The Colt M733 was adopted by the US military for tactical use during the 1980s during the cold war era, before the M4A1 took over as the main weapon of choice in the 1990s. It's short compact footprint was designed specifically for Special Forces usage. Put to its most brutal test on October 3, 1993, US Special Forces and Delta Force personel were engaged in a brutal shootout in Somalia, Africa. As depicted in the Hollywood movie Blackhawk Down, the M733 was used extensively as standard firearms for troops on the ground. With a barrel length of 11.5 inches, the M733 is a full 3 inches shorter to the M4A1, making it much more suited for city combat and CQB. A compact platform for the M16 series, the M733 as denoted by Colt is based on the M16A2 platform with fully collapsible stock and short foregrip. Metal parts include front sight, outer barrel and removable flash hider, dust cover, foregrip retainer ring, trigger, selector switch, adjustable rear sight, removable magazine, charging handle, retainer pins, front sling mount, and rear stock adjuster. Other parts made from high impact ABS plastic. Small type battery stored in foregrip. The dust cover springs open when the charging handle is pulled back, just like the M4A1. Designed and manufactured to the exactly the same dimension as the real steel version - even the foregrip's authentic diameter is retained despite having to hold a small battery inside. Check it out in our AEG section and secure one for yourself now! Click Here.