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G&P M4 Jack 13 inch (HPA)

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Product Code: GP-JAK002
Weight: 2,640 g
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Unit Price: USD$629.99

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  • 1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled HPA (High Pressure Air) Airsoft
  • SEMI & FULLY Automatic Shooting Mode
  • Easily & Quickly Programmable via a Fire Control Unit All systems are customizable from FPS, Burst & Rate of Fire that can range from a 1 rps to an insane 50+ rps!
  • G&PxPolar Star NEW System Rifle
  • HPA Metal Body
  • MOTS II 12.5" Keymod (Black)
  • 13" Taper Outer Barrel (Black)
  • M16 Voltex Type Flashider (14mm Clockwise)
  • Plastic M4 Charging Handle (Black)
  • Plastic Bolt Stop (Black)
  • Plastic Selector (A) (Black)
  • Ball Ball Mid-Cap Magazine (Black) (130rds)
  • Madbull Fully Licensed Strike Industries Grip (Black)
  • Plastic BUIS Sight (Black)
  • HPA Navy Stock (Black)
  • Keymod Ball Ball Foregrip (Short) (Black)
  • Keymod Soft Rail Cover A
  • Strong recoil spring.
  • Good for 380fps.
  • Comes with a 130 magazine.


    Length - 810mm
    Weight - 2540g
    Magazine Capacity - 130 Rounds
    Power Source - HPA Powered
    Blowback - None
    Shooting Modes - Semi, Full Auto
    Hop-up - Adjustable via breach
    Magazine Compatibility - G&P AEG Magazine.
    FPS - 380

    Offical Polar Star HPA electro-pneumatic system + all G&P custom HPA parts! Polar Star is a USA company (since 2009) known for their widely successful "Fusion Engine" that converts standard AEGs into an HPA (High Pressure Air) system that's electro-pneumatically driven. These run on an external air tank instead of batteries or propane type gas. It is a top of the line HPA system. Polar Star make 3 products that can make the conversion, the Polar Star Jack, F1, and their top of the line product, the Fusion Engine. G&P's release utilizes the Jack that replaces all analog/mechanical parts inside the gearbox, replacing the Cylinder/Piston set while keeping the V2 gearbox shell. This system provides amazing features that are easily & quickly programmable via a Fire Control Unit. All systems are customizable from FPS, Burst & Rate of Fire that can range from a 1 rps to an insane 50+ rps. Trigger response is also better like GBB. This system is very stable under a wide weather & temperature conditions with very stable FPS shooting thanks to its electro-pneumatic system. It is low maintenance & quick programming too.


    x1 G&P M4 Jack.
    x1 130 Round Magazine.
    x1 Manual.

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