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GHK M4 Keymod MOD1 V2 Navy Seal GBBR

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Product Code: GHK-GBB-M4MOD1V2
Weight: 2,610 g
Length: 683 mm
Capacity: 40 rds
Power: 410 fps (1.54 Joules)
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$524.99

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  • This is GHK M4 Keymod MOD1 V2 Navy Seal.
  • Keymod Rail system.
  • Gas efficient magazines.
  • Steel bolt, barrel and control group, and aluminum receiver and CNC RIS.
  • Modified negative pressure floating valve blowback system.
  • Includes GHK 40Rnd magazine.
  • Enhanced and improved longevity on bolt lock.
  • Magnetic bolt catch.

    Length - 778mm
    Weight - 2965g
    Magazine Capacity - 40 Rounds
    Power Source - Gas Powered
    Blowback - Yes
    Shooting Modes - Semi, Full Auto
    Hop-up - Adjustable by dial under outer barrel.
    Magazine Compatibility - GHK M4 Magazine.
    FPS - ~400

    Known for its gas efficient magazines and excellent GBBR platforms, GHK is admittedly late to the GBBR M4 bandwagon, but it stands apart from the rest when you compare the performance and external quality to its competitors. This blank marking version leaves the receiver without a marking allowing the user to print anything they want. With a steel bolt, barrel and control group, and aluminum receiver and a GHK made Keymod rail system, the material usage in the construction of this GBBR is entirely accurate to the weapon it aims to replicate. The steel parts exhibit a lighter grey than the treated aluminum and give the GHK Keymod MOD1 an excellent heft and balance. Durability will not be a problem with the quality construction and build quality exhibited by GHK on this replica. Due to the steel bolt and GHK's modified negative pressure floating valve blowback system, when coupled with GHK V2 GBBR M4 magazines, the operation is amazingly reliable while performance and power consistency are excellent. If you've fired a GHK G5 and liked the kick on that, the kick on this GBBR is comparable, even given the increased weight of the body due to a heavier steel bolt that is still snappy and responsive on Top Gas. The Hop-Up on this replica is easily accessible as long as you have a removable bottom rail like the one it comes with. The dial adjust is accurate and stiff enough to hold its adjustment even given the immense recoil of the platform. Speaking of recoil, be sure that any optic you mount on this is of decent quality with ample shock resistance to prevent zero shift. See out article review on 'The Price of Accuracy' in the REVIEWS section for more on this. The Keymod MOD2 GBBR is an excellent performance gas blowback rifle replica that looks the part and performs better and with more reliability than probably any other GBB M4 available on the market. GHK took their mastery of gas efficiency and professional understanding of GBB mechanics and have produced a real nominee for any 'Best GBBR award'.


    x1 GHK M4 Keymod MOD1 GBB V2 Navy Seal.
    x1 40 Rnd Magazine.
    x1 Manual.

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