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Bite The Bullet

Madbull Airsoft - Keeping Things Green (2009-01-23)

You know all those times when you think, "That would be a great place to hide!" amongst a patch of bushes, but you're always concerned with how the barrel of your Airsoft gun might give you away? Now you can conceal yourself in a bush somewhere safe in knowing that your barrel won't be a giveaway anymore. Instead, all anyone will see is the Butt end of a PET bottle sitting in the bush just stick a dirty PET bottle out of the bush and wait for some poor unsuspecting victim to walk by!

How To
By simply cutting a hole in the bottom of a PET bottle, you can make an effective silencer, and if you stuff it full of toilet paper or leaves, or well, any soft papery items into the PET bottle, the silencer will work even better. Alternatively if you cut down the PET bottle even further, you can turn your makeshift silencer into, yes you guessed it, an Amplifier! The Madbull Noise Maker features a 14mm CCW thread and the adaptor fits most PET bottles, though we suggest the usage of Coke PET bottles as they fit the most snugly.

10 Easy steps to chalking another kill with your very own sneaky PET muzzle device!

1. Remove the muzzle device from your primary rifle.

2. Remove the Madbull Noise Maker from its packing.

3. Attach the Madbull Noise Maker.

4. Buy a PET bottle of your favorite drink, and well drink it!

5. Wash out the interior (or not? you may get some ants crawling around in your PET bottle before long).

6. Cut the PET bottle to shape and size of your liking (short for an amplifier, or drill a hole at the end for a silencer).

7. Attach PET bottle to the Madbull Noise Maker.

8. Hide in a conspicuous place. Snake? Is that you?

9. Stick the business end of the PET bottle out of your little hidey hole.

10. Wait for an unsuspecting skirmisher and plink him in the rear as he trundles past!

Final Thoughts
If you're looking for something that will make people talk, and have a good laugh about, then the MadBull Noise Maker is for you. An excellent alternative to existing muzzle devices and a whole lot cheaper too, you'll be able to hide in all sorts of position you've never even considered before this little baby. And you'll have another excuse to drink your favorite PET bottled drink!

Please remember that although this fun little item is indeed for sale, it may be illegal in some countries. So please if you're in one of these countries (for example: USA) for your own continuing freedom and protection, do NOT use a PET bottle, or anything else for that matter to make a silencer.