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HPA Airsoft Heavy Machine Gun

High-pressure air (HPA) systems are a type of pneumatic airsoft weapon that use externally supplied high-pressure air instead of internal gas canisters like the majority of gas-operated airsoft guns. Think of it as a cross between an AEG and GBBR except that there’s no blowback and shoots similar to an AEG but with more range and power! HPA airsoft heavy machine guns are adjustable and suffer less from peak performance limitations compared to other systems. Thus they usually come at a price but require less tuning to reach peak performance.


Those that are not familiar with heavy machine guns will usually think that they are big bulky guns and may dread the thought of carrying one around in a game. During World War, I & II machine guns were for sustaining direct fire at the opposition and were not usually carried around the field as it is a defense weapon. 


So before even considering using a machine gun you have to think about the role and type of game you'll be participating in. It is not an assault weapon for the frontline compared to other smaller machine guns such as M4 or AK rifles. But that being said not all machine guns are bulky and heavy, there are some LMG (light machine guns) out there too. These types of machine guns can be used for assault and provide cover fire but this isn't a gun that can do it all. Just don't expect to snipe enemies at a distance or superior accuracy since those are sacrificed due to the high rate of fire.


If you're a strong guy and want to be like Rambo then who's stopping you from running around the field with a big machine gun! Whilst it may lack mobility it provides more than enough firepower to provide support for your team. Though if you’re looking for realism then don’t expect too much as there will be a line coming from the pistol grip into an oxygen tank.


What to Look for in an HPA Airsoft Heavy Machine Gun?

There are many factors to look for when deciding which HPA airsoft heavy machine gun to use. Most important for many of us is mainly the cost and outlook of the machine gun, but we also have to consider how many BB’s it can hold, rate of fire, hop up, and battery type. If the machine gun lacks a high rate of fire or holds very few BB’s then it's not a very effective machine gun to provide support fire. Since machine guns can hold many rounds do keep in mind that you could easily go through a bag BB’s in a day.


Machine guns have a high rate of fire and it'll be difficult to control without a bipod or buttstock which is usually included on most machine guns. If it doesn't come with a bipod you can rest it on a sandbag, tripod, something stable, or even a foregrip! 


What are Some of the Best HPA Airsoft Heavy Machine Guns?

The best HPA airsoft machine guns have a large mag capacity, the ability to be easily fine-tuned, and able to support aftermarket parts. What comes to our mind when you say the best has got to be the G&P M249 SF, this HPA airsoft heavy machine gun is a force to reckon with. Its massive magazine capacity of 3000rds is capable of holding the fort, this is the best support weapon you can bring to a game as it also comes with a bipod. We love how easy it is to set up with the preinstalled tube in the pistol grip, it is a collaboration with Polar Star after all. For more information about the G&P M249 SF click here: https://tinyurl.com/yyxv9u7a

How Does an HPA Airsoft Heavy Machine Gun Work?

HPA which means “high-pressure air” is a type of system used to supply power to airsoft guns. The majority of the gas-powered airsoft guns use magazines that have gas stored inside, but with HPA the gun uses an external tank. It may look ugly but it does have insane performances!

The oxygen is usually stored in these canisters which are usually made out of aluminum, which can be heavy but durable. Lighter alternatives are the carbon fiber tanks, but they’ll cost you an arm and leg! Once the tank is ready there will be a line connecting the tank to the airsoft gun, so the power source is maintained.

Within the airsoft heavy machine gun, there’s a pneumatic motor connecting to the air tank. This is referred to as the “engine” of the gun, it's where the gearbox would be in a standard gas-powered airsoft weapon. This engine usually features a battery-powered FCU (fire control unit) which lets you adjust the rate of fire. You’re also able to control how much air you release for each shot, a dream come true for those who like to min-max the stats of their gun!

HPA Pros

  • FPS is adjustable to comply with the fps limits in the local airsoft field.
  • The rate of fire is adjustable, trigger response can also become highly effective in battle.
  • Highly consistent FPS compared to other systems, as the fps can vary wildly.
  • Simple internal designs, fewer things can go wrong and easier to fix.
  • The same oxygen tank can support all HPA airsoft guns.
  • HPA guns are quieter, so you don’t reveal your position if you’re a sniper.

However, it may seem like HPA is the way to go but there are some disadvantages to it.

HPA Cons

  • Probably the most expensive systems to invest in, the price of a single-engine could buy many AEG or GBBRs. Engines can cost from $250 to $500, and the tank and regulator can add another $100 (at least)!
  • It can be heavy if you’re not used to this platform as you’ll be lugging an oxygen tank around. Compared to AEG or GBB it is heavy.
  • The engine has to be properly aligned inside, if not then your HPA gun may not work reliably.
  • The system is very complicated compared to an AEG.
  • Not all airsoft fields allow HPA to be used as it can be easily adjusted.

This all depends on your personal preferences if an HPA airsoft gun is right for you. Unless your athletic like Captain America you’ll need to deal with the extra weight of the tank! Also, your local airsoft field may not let you enjoy the extra fps and rate of fire you’re getting in exchange. But that being said if your local airsoft guns allow for HPA airsoft guns (especially for sniper roles), then why not? The fps, range, and rate of fire is god-like, this can turn the tides of a battle!