Hephaestus KRYTAC KRISS Vector GBB SMG High Performance Piston Head

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  • CNC Aluminum Construction
  • Designed For Better Air Seal
  • Improves Overall Performance
  • Improves Gas Efficiency
  • Drop in Upgrade

The Hephaestus High Performance Piston Head is an exceptional upgrade for your KRYTAC KRISS Vector gas blowback SMG. Crafted from lightweight yet durable CNC-machined aluminum 6061, this piston head offers enhanced design features for improved air-sealing and smoother cycling. The result is an overall performance boost and increased gas efficiency, providing stable and consistent performance with reduced cooldown effects. This drop-in upgrade seamlessly replaces your stock piston head, with a spare o-ring included for easy installation. Elevate your KRISS Vector's performance with the Hephaestus High Performance Piston Head, engineered to deliver uncompromising quality and reliability.

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  • x1 Hephaestus KRYTAC KRISS Vector GBB SMG High Performance Piston Head
  • x1 Spare O-Ring

Originating ArmoryKRISS
Replica TypeSMG
Net Weight (kg)0.01
Length (mm)20.0
Content Included

Hephaestus KRYTAC KRISS Vector GBB SMG High Performance Piston Head

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No more slow RoF

This does exactly as described. Testes the stock head and had the rate of fire slow down before the mag was empty. Installed this piston head and it just ripped through at full speed. I am yet to see how it effects performance in a game or for long term durability.


It delivered the results.

I got this after seeing the short RWTV video. Not one to take everything at face value, I decided to test a full mag on full auto. As expected, stock starts to slow down after the first half to two thirds. Muddled my way through disassembly. I had 2 small flat head screw drivers (for the small circlip), a pin for the retaining pin on the piston as it was smaller than a 1.5mm hex key. and some thin string (fishing line or sewing thread) to easy pull the sping backwards for the pug thing. Once that was done, it felt a little stiff inside the piston, but it works flawlessly. With this new piston head in, the rate of fire does not slow down at all! It now absolutely shreadds through the mag. I have not tested this at a game yet and I cannot comment on any longer term usage as I've had the product for less that 24hrs.

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