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Miniature airsoft guns — not to be confused with the Airsoft Mini Gun, which is hardly miniature at all — turn your favorite CO2, gas blowback (GBB), spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle, airsoft AEG, or airsoft pistol into a fun-sized version. 

Designed to portray the airsoft replicas as realistically as possible at scale, these action-figure-sized weapons have functioning components but aren’t fully working versions. Keep them at your desk to pass the time, start a conversation, or stay motivated until the weekend comes and you can get out to your local airsoft field for actual gameplay. 

What Is a Mini Airsoft Gun?

A mini airsoft gun is a scale model of various life-size, full-metal airsoft weapons. Most mini airsoft guns fit in the palm of your hand instead of your typical holster. As with anything miniature, mini airsoft guns serve a variety of purposes, the most common of which is probably as a novelty. 

Most, if not all, mini airsoft guns are non-firing. After all, it would be fairly challenging to replicate the complex internals of most airsoft guns in miniature and get any sort of usable FPS (and what about miniature airsoft BBs as ammo?). You won’t find any airsoft gas, hop-ups, gearboxes, or buckings either.

Yet many mini airsoft guns do have some sort of actuating components that function similarly to the real thing. For example, the gun may eject shells from a removable magazine or have a working trigger to simulate the real thing. You’ll even find a suppressor on select models, although airsoft shotguns, Glocks, spring pistols, machine guns, and grenade launchers have yet to be shrunk to this size.

With a mini airsoft gun, you can imagine mock CQB battles, feed your appetite for dominating the field with the full-scale version, or just sit and actuate the various components to pass the time. You won’t need lipo batteries and chargers, green gas, or CO2 cartridges to run these guns — your imagination and fine motor skills will suffice. 

Not every airsoft gun can claim a mini version, at least not yet. However, we stock a variety of miniature models that cover the most popular platforms. Once you get one of these mini guns in your hands, it’s hard not to want another. 

How Does a Mini Airsoft Gun Work? 

Most mini airsoft guns are made from metal and perform similar yet limited functions as their full-size counterparts. For example, the shell-ejecting Blackcat Airsoft 1:2 Scale High Precision Mini Model Gun AK47 features a detachable magazine and 14 mini dummy 7.62x39 rounds. The functional trigger and bolt complete the realistic takedown assembly. 

In contrast, something like the Blackcat Airsoft 1/2 Scale High Precision Mini Model Gun Desert Eagle L6 resembles the intimidating handgun featured in several motion pictures. A fully functioning slide delivers satisfying haptic feedback. You can also load the included dummy rounds into the magazine and eject them as you mock-fire this mini Desert Eagle. 

For airsoft players who enjoy spinning a cylinder, the Blackcat Airsoft 1/2 Scale Mini Model Gun 357 Magnum Python is the perfect mini airsoft revolver to add to your collection. A force to be reckoned with in its own right, the 357 Magnum Python revolver may not look the full dominating part in a scaled-down version. 

However, the functional cylinder, moveable trigger and hammer, and custom-fit dummy shells can bring a smile to anyone’s face. 

Popular Mini Airsoft Gun Models

Picking out which mini airsoft gun to buy can feel like having to choose which airsoft platform to use for the rest of your life — there are too many greats to settle on just one. Below, we break down some of the most popular mini airsoft pistols and rifles available at RedWolf. 

Mini Airsoft Pistols 

Fans of Beretta will appreciate the attention to detail and accuracy of the Blackcat Airsoft 1/2 Scale High Precision Mini Gun Beretta 90Two and the Blackcat Airsoft 1/2 Scale Mini Model Gun M92F. These scale models are the perfect hand-held mini airsoft pistol if you’re a fan of Taken, Die Hard, or Lethal Weapon. Both mini airsoft pistols are shell-ejecting and come with the appropriate dummy rounds. 

There’s no mistaking the look of the Mauser M1932, especially in miniature form. The Blackcat Airsoft 1/2 Scale Mini Model Gun M1932 features a functioning bolt, trigger, and hammer. You can also fit dummy rounds into the removable magazine for a near-life-like experience. 

As seen in Saving Private Ryan, The Pacific, and Letters from Iwo Jima, the Colt M1911 pistol is an icon in its own right. The Blackcat Airsoft 1/2 Scale High Precision Mini Model Gun 1911 offers 1911 enthusiasts a pocket-sized replica featuring dummy shells, a removable magazine, and a functioning slide and trigger. If you lean more toward the Ingram M10, the Blackcat Airsoft 1:2 Scale Mini Model Gun MAC10 contains similar functionality. 

Mini Airsoft Rifles 

We also carry several mini airsoft rifle models, including the Blackcat Airsoft 1/3 Scale Mini Model Gun M4A1. Complete with a display stand, this iconic assault rifle incorporates a removable magazine, mock silencer, moving bolt, and dummy shells. If you prefer FDE, you can also purchase the Blackcat Airsoft 1/2 Scale Mini Model Gun M4A1 in tan. 

If you’re looking for something more along the lines of a sniper rifle, the Blackcat Airsoft 1/3 Scale Mini Model Gun AWP might be more up your alley, especially if you play Counter-Strike or Rainbow Six. Miniature scopes and bipods complete the look of these mini airsoft guns. 

The Blackcat Airsoft 1/3 Scale Mini Model Gun Steyr AUG 2 is another great choice if you’re looking for a mini airsoft rifle to play with on the cheap. Similar to some of the other mini guns on our list, this one is 1:3 scale, meaning it’s slightly smaller. This mini model gun comes half-assembled in the box, so you have the honor of completing the build, actuating the bolt, and loading the magazine with dummy shells. 

Although it’s technically a submachine gun (SMG), the Blackcat Airsoft 1/3 Scale Mini Model Gun Sten MkII is still a great buy in this miniature version, even if it’s not full-auto. Eject dummy rounds each time you rack the charging handle. The trigger, hammer, safety, and takedown lever also function. 

The next time you don’t have room in your budget for a full-size airsoft pistol or rifle, check out RedWolf's selection of mini airsoft guns. These fun-size airsoft guns also make great gifts for any airsoft enthusiast, so be sure to add them to your wishlist.