B&T SPR300

Designed for discrete carry, rapid deployment and maximum accuracy, the SPR300 is an integrally suppressed bolt action sniper rifle designed by Swiss firearms company Brugger & Thomet. Chambered in .300 Blackout, the SPR300 is able to be quickly broken down into parts for easier storage and can achieve an almost Hollywood-quiet gunshot sound report of just 121 dB per shot if used with subsonic ammunition making ideal for mid range precision shooting in urban locations. The airsoft SPR300 is an extremely new addition to the industry with only one licensed bolt action model being made by Archwick in the form of the ARCHWICK B&T SPR 300 Pro Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Black (Spring Power) and the ARCHWICK B&T Airsoft SPR300 Pro Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - Tan (Spring Power).

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