The IMI Galil is a family of Israeli automatic rifles chambered for the 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge. Originally designed by Yisrael Galili, the Galil was developed after AK-47s captured by Israeli forces during the Six Day War proved to be far more reliable in the desert conditions of the Middle East than their issued FN FALs. The result was an accurate and compact assault rifle that was highly reliable and did not require stringent maintenance or training to use. The airsoft Galil is quite a niche airsoft gun with not very many airsoft Galil models in existence. The notable exception is King Arms which produces the King Arms Airsoft Galil SAR Rifle as well as the compact King Arms Airsoft GALIL MAR AEG Rifle. Both these Galil airsoft guns are noted for having excellent quality steel exteriors which add to an authentic airsoft Galil experience.

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