GATE TITAN II Bluetooth for Ver.2 Gearbox (AEG Rear Wired)

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  • Updated Version of the GATE TITAN
  • Rear Wire Version
  • 5 Optical Trigger Sensors Enabling Hair Trigger
  • 3 Optical Gear & Selector Sensors
  • Automatic Pre-Cocking
  • Replicates Trigger Response Just Like in a Real Steel Gun
  • Configuration of all Settings via the Built-in Bluetooth Dongle Blu-Link and GCS App for Android & iOS Devices
  • Configuration of all settings via USB-Link and the GCS App for Android, Windows, & macOS Devices
  • Sector Gear Sensor Supporting Most Popular Types of Gears: DSG, SSG, 19-Tooth & Standard Ones
  • Innovative Optical Sensors Instead of Mechanical Switches Prone to Faults
  • Binary Trigger as one of the Basic Functions
  • Premium Level Functionality
  • Designed for Electric Airsoft Rifles / AEG with Version 2 Gearboxes

Installation Video:

The Gate TITAN is Gate's flagship Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU), taking your airsoft game to the next level. Make no compromises and utilize the years of experience of many thousands of users around the world, proving TITAN to be the best choice for advanced and professional players. Gain a unique tactical advantage matching your skills, thanks to the reliable MOSFET with tons of functions such as Hair Trigger, BURST Mode, Active Brake, Binary Trigger, extremely fast Trigger Response, and other essentials.

One of the advantages of TITAN V2 is the 8 optical sensors. Unlike mechanical switches prone to faults, optical sensors are much more reliable. With an additional dongle, you can adjust trigger sensitivity with military precision. If you need even more control, select one of the Nova Triggers. adjustable speed triggers designed especially for TITAN V2.

The following things make the Gate Titan stands out from its competitors:

  • 5 Optical trigger sensors enabling Hair Trigger
  • 3 Optical gear and selector sensors
  • Automatic Pre-Cocking
  • Replicates trigger response just like in a real gun
  • Configuration of all settings via the Built-in Bluetooth dongle Blu-Link and GCS App for Android and iOS devices
  • Configuration of all settings via USB-Link and the GCS App for Android, Windows, and macOS devices
  • Sector gear sensor supporting most popular types of gears: DSG, SSG, 19-Tooth, and standard ones
  • Innovative optical sensors instead of mechanical switches prone to faults
  • Binary Trigger as one of the basic functions
  • Premium level functionality
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption mode, Gate TITAN V2 will protect your battery even in sleep mode when you forget about it after the game. Thanks to low power consumption, a partially discharged battery left in the replica can last for several months!

    As mentioned above, the Gate TITAN V2 features 5 optical trigger sensors enabling you to adjust the sensitivity of the trigger, To adjust trigger sensitivity you don't have to disassemble your replica. Just use the GCS App and adjust the trigger to your preferences and skill level. You can even activate the 2-Stage Trigger and set two different trigger sensitivities. Pulling the trigger slightly produces SEMI or BURST fire and pulling the trigger further produces BURST, BURST/AUTO, or AUTO fire. Additionally, by upgrading the firmware to the ADVANCED or EXPERT edition, you can even use Equalizer Mode. Thanks to this option, you don't need to fully release the trigger to fire the next shot. This option is really useful when the trigger sensitivity level is very high.

    There are much more features on the Gate TITAN V2 that we can't cover completely on this page, if you wish to learn more about the Gate TITAN V2, please visit their page here.

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    • GATE TITAN II Bluetooth for V2 GB (AEG Rear Wired)
    • Installation Kit
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