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PANTAC Molle Rattlesnake Hydration Pack (A-TACS / Cordura)

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At no more than 42x25x10cm and around 920g (up to 2kg with water of course) this backpack is really very compact.
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At no more than 42x25x10cm and around 920g (up to 2kg with water of course) this backpack is really very compact. With its own MOLLE straps it could itself be added on to a vest, load bearing rig or a larger pack. A small pack like this is a great addition to the outdoor type person, to be either integrated into a larger setup or simply used stand alone as a small backpack.

In Airsoft or hiking, the situation can steal away your attention or at the very least the use of your hands. This degree of focus means that using a water canteen is often undesirable if not at least dangerously insufficient. For this exact reason hydration backpacks are a simple and effective solution.

A hydration pack is a rubberised bladder used to contain water (or other rehydration drinks) to which a straw is connected; the pack is worn on the back and the straw trails over the torso normally sitting just in front of the users shoulder or collar bone for easy reach access. The straw tip includes a simple twist valve allowing the user to gain access and lock it off with a quick and simple tug, twist, sip and twist.

Whether it is Airsoft, paintball or any sort of highly active sporting activity the number one enemy to your performance and health is dehydration (well, second to loosing an eye of course). The most common form of dehydration in humans is the isotonic loss of both water as well as electrolytes (especially sodium). Thirst alone is simply not a reliable way to gauge hydration requirement which is exactly why marathon runners stop at every water break and grab some fluid every time they come across one.

Hydration bladders are normally integrated either into backpacks or into combat vests. In this case of course, the hydration bladder is carried in this super minimal small backpack. In the rattlesnake hydration pack, the bladder takes up the rear most third of the pack with the outer portion having its own full bag length compartment as well as outer pockets, MOLLE rigging for further additions (not included) and Velcro pads for adding tags and badges.

Made of 1000D Cordura, the material is light weight but incredibly robust; with ITW Nexus & UTX buckles, milspec stitching and seams, it meets the harsh requirements of military grade combat gear. This model is available in the usual Pantac rainbow of colours.

This backpack comes with a hydration bladder and straw with cover and tap included.

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