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Socom Gear 11.1V. 1500mAh. Li Po Battery ( 15C M4/16, AK, M14, MP5, Model 36 Series)

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A new and improved (in safety) high performance Li-Poly battery by SOCOM Gear.
Product Specification
BrandSocom Gear
Net Weight (kg)0.09
Length (mm)0.0
New and Improved how? According to SOCOM Gear, these new LiPo's are designed specifically for Airsoft guns, and not a rebrand of RC Batteries. Thus they have a higher voltage, and currents whilst using a less hazardous formula.

Designed by SOCOM Gear's in-house R&D Team, and inspected and tested to the highest QC standards, these new Li-Poly Batteries offers a 150% more BBs per second!

Suitable for use with the following series of AEGs:

  • M4/16
  • AK
  • M14
  • MP5
  • G36
  • Specifications:
    Nominal Capacity 1500mAh* / Nominal Voltage 11.1V** / CELL internal resistance â?¦20m??© / Charge Current max.1.5A(1C)
    Voltage max.4.25V / Discharge Continuous Current Max.22.5A per cell, 67.5A per pack(15C)
    Burst Current Max.30.0A per cell 90A per pack (20C)
    Voltage cut-off 3.0V / Cycle Life / 80% Retention / 1C 500 cycle / 10 C 100 cycle / Self -Discharge <8% per month
    Operating Temperature Range / Charge 0â??â?¼45â?? 32â??â?¼113â?? / Discharge -20â??~60â?? -4â??â?¼140â??
    Storage -20â??~40â?? -4â??â?¼104â??
    Pack Dimension Thickness 16.0�0.5mm 0.63�0.05 in. / Width 34.0�0.5mm 1.34�0.05 in. / Length 102.0�1.0mm 4.16�0.05 in.
    Weight Appro 114.0g

    *Nominal capacity (average discharge capacity) : discharge current 0.5C, end of voltage 3.0V, temperature 23�2â??.
    **Nominal voltage (average discharge voltage): discharge current 0.5C, end of voltage 3.0 V, temperature 23�2â??.

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