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KWC Mini Uzi Air Gun (4.5mm CO2 Blowback)

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  • This is the 4.5mm .177 Caliber version that shoots steel BBs
  • Powered by 12g CO2 capsule in magazine
  • Heavy
  • Folding metal stock
  • Strong recoil and great sounding blowback
  • Classic design

The Uzi is a family of Israeli open-bolt, blowback-operated submachine guns. Smaller variants are considered to be machine pistols. The Uzi was one of the first weapons to use a telescoping bolt design which allows the magazine to be housed in the pistol grip for a shorter weapon.

KWC are known for making quality full metal guns in the airsoft market and have a good reputation for their build quality. They have been around long enough to know what airsofters desire in an airsoft gun.

The non-reciprocating charging handle on the top of the receiver cover is used to retract the bolt. Variants have a ratchet safety mechanism which will catch the bolt and lock its movement if it is retracted past the magazine, but not far enough to engage the sear. When the handle is fully retracted to the rear, the bolt will cock (catch) on the sear mechanism and the handle and cover are released to spring fully forward under power of a small spring. The cover will remain forward during firing since it does not reciprocate with the bolt. The military and police versions will fire immediately upon chambering a cartridge as the Uzi is an open bolt weapon.

There are two external safety mechanisms on the Uzi. The first is the three-position selector lever located at the top of the grip and behind the trigger group. The rear position is "S", or "safe", which locks the sear and prevents movement of the bolt. It also features a second external safety mechanism known as the grip safety, located at the rear of the grip. It is meant to help prevent accidental discharge if the weapon is dropped or the user loses a firm grip on the weapon during firing.

The trigger mechanism is a conventional firearm trigger, but functions only to control the release mechanism for either the bolt (submachine gun) or firing pin holding mechanism (semi-auto) since the UZI does not incorporate an internal cocking or hammer mechanism. While the open-bolt system is mechanically simpler than a closed-bolt design (e.g. Heckler & Koch MP5), it creates a noticeable delay between when the trigger is pulled and when the gun fires.

The magazine release button or lever is located on the lower portion of the pistol grip and is intended to be manipulated by the non-firing hand. The paddle-like button lies flush with the pistol grip in order to help prevent accidental release of the magazine during rigorous or careless handling. When the gun is de-cocked the ejector port closes, preventing entry of dust and dirt. Though the Uzi's stamped-metal receiver is equipped with pressed reinforcement slots to accept accumulated dirt and sand, the weapon can still jam with heavy accumulations of sand in desert combat conditions when not cleaned regularly. The magazine must be removed prior to de-cocking the weapon.

Please note this does not take standard 6mm BB pellets, you have to use the 4.5mm BB pellets to be able to use this airsoft gun! It also uses CO2 to propel the pellets so please refrain from using any other gases.

Metal parts include top cover, charging handle, bolt, outer barrel, barrel lug, windage and range adjustable front and rear sights, mid-frame, grip safety, trigger, magazine release button, removable magazine, sling mount. The lower grip and main receiver is plastic but you would be fooled into thinking the gun is full metal because this mini Uzi is so heavy.

Items included:

  • 1x KWC Mini Uzi CO2 Blowback 4.5mm SMG Air Gun
  • 1x Allen Key
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Pack of 4.5MM Steel BB Pellets
  • Specifications
    Originating ArmoryIMI
    Replica TypeSMG
    Capacity (rds)29
    Power (fps)332
    Power SourceCO2
    Shooting ModeSemi Auto / Full Auto
    Net Weight (kg)2.21
    Length (mm)600.0
    Content Included

    KWC Mini Uzi CO2 Blowback 4.5mm SMG Air Gun

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