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The Element LA-5C UHP Laser Device runs on a CR123A battery (not included) and is a laser designator as well as an illuminator flashlight.
In terms of output modes, it supports low power constant on, high power constant on, low power on/off and high power on/off.

The device has an integrated push switch on its top side and comes with a removable cable switch as well. As it happens, this tiny little module is the smallest PEQ device we have seen so far in Airsoft and attaches via a quick-detach throw-lever for standard 20mm accessory rail attachment.

The LA-5C/PEQ is the high power variant of the standard issue AN/PEQ-15 (ATPIAL) Advanced Target/Pointer Illuminator Aiming Laser. It is a compact, self-contained laser aiming system that features three functions: Visible Aiming Laser, Infrared Aiming Laser, Infrared Illuminator. The battle-proven LA-5C/PEQ is a weapon-mounted system that easily attaches to any M1913 Picatinny Rail with a standard rail grabber mount. The The co-aligned infrared and visible aiming lasers are easily adjustable; making for a simple zero procedure (zero one, and the other moves with it). Utilizing the same basic footprint as the AN/PEQ-15 the LA-5C/PEQ is one of the most versatile, lightweight, and compact aiming lasers available.

The exceptional functionality of this unit gives you everything you could want in a single compact package. Its design seats the unit low on the rail, and wraps around the Picatinny for a snag-resistant, low profile. This is accomplished by utilizing a recessed rail-grabber mount. The recessed controls are located on top of the housing for easy access in the field with gloves. The body housing is constructed of a high-density/ impact polymer and is extremely robust. The material takes a lot of weight out of the unit, which is appreciated during long hours of carrying a rifle. The LA-5C/PEQ also features a rear-facing battery compartment which allows the user to remove the battery (we all know not to store our high-end NV and laser equipment with batteries installed, right?) without removing the unit. The battery cap is spring loaded, allowing for the system to absorb more recoil from automatic weapons. A molded-in lanyard loop rounds out the back. Windage and Elevation for the aiming lasers is controlled by easily accessible knobs for quick adjustment in the field. Adjustment for the Illuminator is done with tiny flat head screws that require a tool. This is because the illuminator does not need to be adjusted in the field as much as the aiming lasers.

The LA-5C/PEQ is an ultra high power aiming laser system that allows operators to easily reach out to extreme distances on the battlefield. Its laser output is strong enough to easily communicate with aerial assets and other ground teams operating in the AO. The 200 mW infrared illuminator can be focused to a narrow beam for this purpose. The high power visible aiming laser allows it to be used under directly sunlight. Even though the LA-5C/PEQ infrared aiming laser is so high powered, the unit can still be easily used in close quarters.
Net Weight (kg)0.14
Length (mm)120.0
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