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PTS Mega Arms MKM-AR15 - BK

Product Brand:


Product Code: MG002680307
Weight: 2,600 g
Length: 890 mm
Capacity: 40 rds
Power: 0 fps
Power Source:
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$480.00



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It's the firs time that PTS have gone solo and they've started it with their own Mega Arms MKM GBBR which are based on the M4/AR-15 Platform. PTS still make their products with training in mind so it features the same AR manipulation you'd get from the real steel version, making it a perfect training gun for shooters who desire realistic firearms manipulation.

The rail system it uses is a licensed Mega Arms KeyMod Free Float rail and hand guard combination. They're a two piece, precision for design for strength and durability which makes for a lightweight hand guard. It can fit any lower it has a Mega Arms lower as well. The trigger itself is very unique and was also a Mega Arms design. It features a widened leading edge for comfort and just looks awesome!

As for everything else, it comes with a ordinary M4 Pistol grip, a Crane stock and removable front and rear sights which you can switch out for something more stylish. You can also remove the flash hider to reveal a 14mm CCW thread. IT comes with a 40 round magazine as the GBBR uses the Force Velocity Gas system.

Shooting it feels amazing, must like a lot of the latest GBBRs that have been released late 2013. It consistently fires around 340-360 fps which is usual from a gas gun and has the rate of fire of 13 rounds per second. Inside is a 6.05mm diameter, 370mm length inner barrel covered by a 14.5" outer barrel. Believe it or not, this GBBR is very accurate even for a gas rifle!

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