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G&P M16A4 with M203

Product Brand:


Product Code: GP-AEG004
Weight: 4,006 g
Length: 1,000 mm
Capacity: 120 rds
Power: 400 fps
Motor: G&P M120
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$334.00



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Ever fancied playing the grenadier role in airsoft while skirmishing with a realistic replica of the current US army issued M16A4?
Now it's easy!
G&P gives us this ready to roll M16A4 AEG with attached full length M203 Moscart Launcher.

With a full metal receiver bearing current US army issue FN markings and a durable flat black powdercoat, this AEG has little in the need for upgrades to get it fully fledged as a finished gun.

Complementing the full metal body of this weapon is a one piece aluminum outer barrel with a metal gas block and fiber reinforced polymer M203 grenadier style hand guard, complete with grenade-lobbing tangent sight.

The full stock can house a large capacity battery for those extended engagements where attrition is important and you must provide extended periods of suppressing fire on the enemy. The battery compartment is accessed via a hatch on the buttplate for access to the (not included - Shop for it below) battery and fuse.

Finally, if not the star of the show but certainly a main character in this AEG is the grenade/moscart launcher. A replica of the KAC/LMT manufactured launcher with all the correct markings, this beast of a barrel slides forward and loads 40mm moscart shower shell grenades (and other types of airsoft 40mm shells) just like a real M203.

The only thing, I would say, that the AEG needs to become a fully finalized, skirmishable gun is an optic. Look at related Products for recommended optic options that fit this gun.

Now get out there and dispense some plastic freedom!

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