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What is an Airsoft Suppressor

You may hear the term silencers in airsoft but, outside the realm of fun and games, gun owners refer to it as a suppressor. Airsoft suppressors are for looking super tactical, enough said. Most players imagine the longer the gun the cooler it is! For the most part, they really don’t do anything.

The noises an Airsoft replica makes when fired is from the receiver. These aren’t sealed so all the noise can escape. With a gas airsoft gun, the sound comes from the slide, and gas escaping. But with an AEG noise comes from the motor and gearbox, you can see where we are going here. There are suppressors that are foam-filled which absorbs the excess air coming out the end of the barrel. The difference it makes is not noticeable at all! 

With that being said they do have some practical uses. It can be used to cover up an extended inner barrel as well as protecting it. Airsoft tracer units contain an ultra-bright LED and trip mechanism, as BB travels down the tracer unit activates the LED for a short amount of time to create a flash. The BB absorbs this light energy in time for you to watch it fly towards your enemy in style. It also allows you to see if the other player is taking their hits.

Do Airsoft Suppressors Affect Accuracy?

Airsoft suppressors don’t affect accuracy at all, as accuracy is determined by inner barrel length. Not only that but the diameter of the inner barrel, BB weight, wind, and handling all attribute to accuracy performance. 

With that being said there are some airsoft suppressors that feature a barrel extension which adds additional inner barrel length. This can increase the power and range of the airsoft replica!

Types of Airsoft Suppressor

Airsoft suppressors mount in a variety of ways, so it depends on the model chosen and the airsoft gun. Screw-on types are common with a -14mm (CCW) thread though occasionally there are +14mm (CW) airsoft guns and airsoft accessories. 

There are airsoft suppressors that utilize a QD (quick detach) method of mounting which can be quickly attached or detached. This airsoft suppressor fits onto the flash hider rather than the thread. It will usually utilize a specific type of flash hider which is usually included. 

Airsoft suppressors obviously add length to your airsoft gun, so take that into consideration. Shorter airsoft guns have an advantage behind cover especially in CQB because you’ll be closer behind your cover as well as rifle up to shoot faster. To aim and peak with a long gun, means having to stand off from the cover a bit which exposes you more at certain angles. 

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