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Hurricane Holosight 551, 552 & 556
The real holosight has nearly zero parallax so can use any part of the sight to aim.
Traditional reflex sights have the raised section at the front, while the holosight is raised at the rear.
The controls on the holosights are entirely electronic.
The controls are of the newer rubber membrane type.
The 551 and 552 have 20 levels of brightness while the 556 has 11.
Zeroing the holosight is easy thanks to big, exposed dials on the right of the sights.
The dials are large enough to be adjusted via small coins or screwdrivers.
The sight picture keeps the reticule crisp and clear.
The 556's raised battery compartment allows it to be mounted to the front of an armalite receiver.
The 556 uses 2xAAA batteries to operate. These are convenient and common.
The 552 uses the most common type of battery, 2xAA.
The 551 uses harder to find LR44 button batteries but makes for a very compact sight.
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You're pinned in a room by enemy fire, your friends behind you trading BBs with enemies in the doorways and you're caught right in between. It's a tactical nightmare, BBs whizzing mere centimeters above your head. A brief cessation in the fight and you build up the courage to return fire. Bringing around your weapon to bear with the doorways you aim for the left corner, but the enemy now appears from the right. You swing your gun around to line up your sights but it's too late. BBs thud into your chest and mask as you yell 'HIT!'. If only you had the split second advantage your story would be different.

Iron-sights take time to aim. Even to the trained and experienced skirmisher iron-sights are a very rudimentary method of aiming, that takes much more time, practice and skill than optics. And among the most popular non-magnification optics is the holosight replicas. These are modeled on the esteemed EOTECH Holosights which use hologram technology to almost completely eliminate parallax from the perceived reticule. What this means in layman's terms is that no matter how you look through the sight, providing it has been calibrated and zeroed properly it will still show you where you are aiming. The real holosight is among the best non-magnification aiming solutions on the market.

So how well does Hurricane replicate the EOTECH holosight?

At first glance it is easy to recognize a holosight. The raised rear behind the frontal battery unit may look like a reflex sight mounted the wrong way to the untrained eye. However it is properly mounted, The unique shape is due to the compact size of the actual red dot unit behind the battery compartment. Elegant, rounded lines adorn the shroud and battery compartment lever making for a modern ergonomic look and feel.
The controls on the hurricane replicas are entirely electronic with 20 levels of brightness on the 551 and 552 replicas and 11 levels of brightness on the 556 replica. The electronic controls also feature an automatic off function if you leave it untouched for 2 hours, saving battery and bulb-life. On the 551 and 552 the buttons are on the rear of the sight, and have a stiff tactile feel that gives a positive response when pressed. On the 556 the left side of the shroud protrudes a little because the electronic controls are on the left side of the sight. this makes it easier to adjust the controls when a rear sight, magnifier or night vision scope are mounted behind the holosight. However the position of the controls on the 556 make it harder for left handed users to access the controls when shouldering a weapon on the left.
Zeroing the Holosights is easy thanks to big, exposed, adjustment knobs on the right hand side of the sight. There are clear markings on the adjustment knobs as to which direction to adjust the sight. Turn it in the direction you want the BBs to go. Adjustment is smooth but stiff so it will hold it's zero well over time. There are no clicks in turning adjustment so you can adjust the sight accurately.
On all three models the sight reticule is crisp and clear. However unlike the real EOTECH holosight the Hurricane replicas are not actual holograms but are low parallax red dot sights. The reticules are configured to come into focus when your eyes are focused on the target rather than the reticule, offering a distinct advantage over other red dots and iron-sights that become out of focus when your eye is focused on the target. This increases your accuracy, allows you to better see what your target is doing and speeds up target acquisition. Leading to greatly increased performance by both you and your gun on the field. After a field trial of the holosight it was clear that it held an advantage over iron-sights. Once zeroed, the holosight was instinctive and extremely easy to use with one eye or both eyes. with both eyes open, the field of view that it granted gave it a distinct advantage over other red dots which can also be used with both eyes open, but have more parallax.
Of the three different models the 551 is the smallest. It uses the same batteries as replica aimpoints, that is to say LR44 Alkaline Button batteries. The real 551 uses N alkaline batteries. However the dimensions of the battery compartment is externally similar.

The 552 holosight is identical to the 551 in operation and the only difference is the length and type of battery used. The 552 uses more commonly found AA batteries and is about 3cm (1.5in) longer than the 551.

The 556 is more unique. The shroud around the projector is more angular and comes further forward than on the other holosights. The bottom of the battery compartment is raised as to clear delta rings between armalite receivers and their foregrips. The raised battery compartment allows you to mount it further forward on a railed receiver making room at the back for a magnification scope or night vision. It also takes AAA batteries which are common and storable in some types of grips and gun furniture.

On the controls of all the Hurricane holosights is a round button labeled 'NV'. On the real holosight this switches the red reticule to infra red so it appears better on night vision scopes and becomes invisible to the naked eye. However on the hurricane replicas it simply switches the reticule color between red and green. The green sight is easier to use during low light situations and on its lowest setting is dimmer than the red one.

In comparison with other red dots. The Hurricane holosight is in the upper end of the quality spectrum and is easy to use due to a clear sight picture with a good field of view. The 552 and 556 use common batteries that are a breeze to replace, simply pull up a single lever. And the 551 is a great compact sight that can offer a great performance boost.