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PRODUCT DETAILS Inokatsu MK43 (Steel Version)

Inokatsu MK43 (Steel Version)

Product Brand:


Product Code: INO-AEG-MK43
Weight: 9,600 g
Length: 943 mm
Capacity: 1300 rds
Power: 400 fps (1.47 Joules)
Motor: Tokyo Marui EG700
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$1899.00

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Ultra limited edition, this is a collector piece that is very rare. A steel and aluminum full metal constructed MK43 from Inokatsu, well known for previously making high-quality conversion kits for Guarder, such as the GUARDER AKM, AK74, and various other full steel kits. This MK43 is an exemplary example of the quality of Inokatsu products, with a superb rock-solid metal construction and pleasingly weighty feel. Adjustable sights with rubber cheek piece. Top cover opens to allow installation of battery and also servicing of the gearbox.

This heavy monster can be slung on a sling, and feels comfortable and satisfying when held firmly in both hands. This beast emanates a real presence, physically with real steel finishing and feel, with mind boggling performance - it delivers 400fps at a high rate of fire of over 20 rounds per second! Built on a 7mm bearing gearbox to improve durablity, reliability, and low-friction high speed performance.

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