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PRODUCT DETAILS Esstac Daeodon Plate Carrier with Medium Mesh Cummerbund - Wolf Grey

Esstac Daeodon Plate Carrier with Medium Mesh Cummerbund - Wolf Grey

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Product Code: ESSCBG-VT-3-17-0001
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Esstac is a US veteran owned tactical gear manufacturer based in Washington, US that focus on providing practical, minimalist , battle proven and cost effective solutions for real world operation, LE/ Military and civilian tactical applications. All items are proudly manufactured in United States.

If you are looking for a plate carrier that is not a rip off of other designs and is made for real operators, here you have the Esstac Daeodon Plate carrier that is constructed with Condura 500D for almost any beatings and still fits comfortably even when fully loaded, concealment is also not a problem with the extremely low profile cutting. The Daeodon Plate Carrier series was specifically designed for the Daeodon Front panels (not the other way round), it was designed to be lightweight, low profile and practical, it easily adapts to your mission requirements with the replaceable Daeodon Front Panels. Low profile shoulder straps are designed to go with your body contour and have 2 rows of diagonal molle for easy mount of other accessories, two velcro loops are also found on the side for cable / tube management of your hydration tubes or radio antennas.

The front armor pocket was intended to be plain, low profile and minimalistic, it has velcro at the admin area for attaching identity patches / blood tags, the lower half is also covered with velcro for attaching assault panels (will fit Haley Strategic Partners D3 Chest Rig system, Mayflower Placards and Esstac Daeodon Front Panel Pouches) other assault panels that are velcro backed and ITW QASM buckle will also fit.

On the back armor pocket is a full molle / PALS panel (4x1 + 6x5 slots) with the upper half covered with velcro on top of molle rows for easy attachment of identity patches. Lower half is a flap covering the cummerbund, which is secured by the flap and velcro inside. Both the shoulder strap and cummerbund are length adjustable, the medium-sized cummerbund will be adjustable from 32 inches to 48inches and is quickly adjustable through the patented G-hock adjustment system .

Cummerbund of this specific model features a full molle / PALS webbing of 3 rows tall in total. While featuring full molle / PALs webbing, the cummerbund does not sacrifice breathability, instead mesh has been introduced between rows of webbing to vent body heat and sweat accumulated during operation, which helps to lower fatigue. If you are not aware, fatigue decrease your fighting ability quicker and harder than you think, you do not want to decrese your fighting ability just because your plate carrier is not comfortable enough.

Armor pockets are made to true fit of Large SAPI armor plates, not some SAPI cut plate but a TRUE Large SAPI profiled 10.25x 13.25 inches Plate. Also fits Medium SAPI plates, 10"x12" and pretty much anything else that fits in a Large SAPI footprint.

Compatible with SKD outside plate pockets and Pontoons sets(not supplied)

***Does NOT Include a Front Panel ?Daeodon front panels are available separately***

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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