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PRODUCT DETAILS Verrett's Tactical VerTac Swift Action Pannel (SAP2 Version 2) - Multicam

Verrett's Tactical VerTac Swift Action Pannel (SAP2 Version 2) - Multicam

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Verrett's Tactical

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The Verrett's Tactical Swift Action Pannel (SAP 2 Version2) is a front panel designed by Verrett's Tactical (VerTac) and made by Esstac. The SAP 2 is designed with the patrol officer and civilian shooter in mind. Combining up-front access to your essentials, it does not compromise anything in terms of functionality or quality.

The SAP 2 front panel includes 2 pouches with kydex inserts that fits 5.56 magazines + 1 pistol magazine pouch with kydex inserts for double stack 9mm pistol mags. In addition to this, you get an extra bungee retention slot designed for tourniquets but can also fit double stack magazines as well. Finally you get an admin pouch designed for you to carry your IFAK or other needed tool or batteries. The pouch's back is held to the panel with high strength velcro and kept in place with a front buckle.

All VerTac SAP2's are compatible with Esstac Daeodon plate carriers or carriers that accept ITW QASM FEMALE buckles.

Verrett's Tactical specializes in personal safety and street survival, bridging the gap between firearms range training and martial arts/self defense. We develop personal skill sets through dynamic hands-on firearms training for civilians, Law Enforcement and Military personnel. We are a group of experienced first responders that value bringing quality training to our communities.

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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