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PRODUCT DETAILS AirsoftPress LPEG Mechbox DIY Kit (Summer Sale)

AirsoftPress LPEG Mechbox DIY Kit (Summer Sale)

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Airsoft Press

Product Code: AP-AEG-LPEGKIT
Weight: 230 g
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LPEG is a relatively new term in the field of airsoft. LPEGs by definition are low cost alternatives to the full blown AEGs. Due to the lack of official guidance and after-market support, users are completely in the dark when problems occur or when power upgrade is necessary.

Based on the contents of our highly successful Practical AEG Upgrade title, this e-book goes one step further by covering LPEG specific performance and maintenance issues.

Practical LPEG Upgrade teaches you how to prevent problems from happening during and after an upgrade. It tells you what after-market parts are okay for use with your LPEG so you don't have to beg airsoft shops for service. It tells you the various upgrade limits so you won't overcook the internals.

Free item! 8.4V UK charger

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