GHK AKMSU Gas Blowback Rifle

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New GHK AKMSU Gas Blowback Rifle, a compact carbine version of the AKM.

  • Hard kicking blowback action
  • steel and wood construction as per the original
  • compact design


This product is only compatible with gas designed specifically for Airsoft guns. Do not use lighter fluid or butane gas, as that will cause permanent damage.

The AKMSU is a compact carbine version of the Soviet AKM assault rifle. AKMSU stands for Assault rifle ('Avtomat' in Russian) by Kalashnikov, Modified, Skladivaushiisya (folding-stock), Ukorochenniy (Shortened) - Soviet assault carbine.

The AKMSU includes all the standard fittings and levers that you would expect in an AK style weapon.

-Front and rear elevation adjustable sights
-Stamped, treated, neatly spot welded and riveted full metal body and magazine (Metal body manufactured by Inokatsu)
-Removable and serviceable cleaning rod (not recommended for actual use)
-Front recoil compensator unlocks and unscrews off the 14mm CCW outer barrel
-Authentic wood fore grip, plastic pistol grip
-Adjustable hop up unit accessible when you open the bolt

Firing the GHK AKMSU is an experience in itself. When you let the bolt fly on full auto firing mode, the recoil kicks back in very satisfying concise succession with all the clicks and clacks adding that robust cold war metal flavor. Like most airsoft guns, this GBBR is skirmish-able and also small enough for CQB, it's like the AK Style P90. Weighing in at an almost realistic 3.3 kgs, this raw metallic beauty has heft. With the GHK AKMSU, it's not just about the performance, but it seems to call-out as a tribute and testament to the historic value of the AKM variant.

hfc134a might be too weak for this gun so we do not suggest it, but when using it, the power would be around 220 fps.

Be sure to check out all the available upgrade parts and Gas/CO2 magazines for this gun in the related products section! instruction manual and bb loader included.
Capacity (rds)40
Power (fps)380
Power SourceGreen Gas / Top Gas
Shooting ModeSemi Auto / Full Auto
Net Weight (kg)3.25
Length (mm)530.0
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pros and cons

i saved and saved for this gun and after a long time waiting for the green gas i got to shoot it and it was worth every minute Note that before you go to shoot it for the first time, oil the recoil spring i did not do this and messed with the full auto for a bit till I greased it. The other problem I've had is with the magazine - the bbs are double stack then become single at the very top, and sometimes they will get a bit stuck and because the mag is so well built you cant slam it on your hand or your body so, what I've had to do is grease this too but sometimes it still happens [REDWOLF] This might mean you are using BBs that are a bit too small. BB manufacturers make BBs that vary in size slightly and an ever slightly smaller BB might not feed smoothly. Please try several different brands of BBs. PROS: unlike other airsoft guns that feel like a airsoft gun, this feels like a AK they converted to airsoft accurate like a laser rugged gone hiking with it in the rain several times works like a champ parts are easily accessible so if anything breaks, i can fix it myself no expert required CONS: mags are hard to come by mag feed can be sticky flash cone was a bit lose some tape solved the problem though the stock is not perfectly centered so when you go to fold it, it will rub ageist the pretty foregrip and damage the wood other than that i am very happy with my purchase and I'm glad i saved for the best and not just bought the cheap one and watch it break

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