Tanaka Works

Tanaka Works airsoft is a reputable Japanese brand in making specialized and unique airsoft guns. Mainly specializes in airsoft revolvers,  Tanaka Works also makes hyper-realistic shell ejecting model guns, revolvers, and some airsoft rifles. A few popular models include Tanaka Desert Eagle, Tanaka SIG P228 Model Gun, Tanaka x City Hunter Python Gas Revolver, Tanaka Kar 98k air cocking gun, Tanaka M40A1, Tanaka S&W M29 Performance Center Gas Revolver, to name a few.  Tanaka Works pistols are mostly ABS plastic as regulated by Japanese laws, but the finishing and coating is hyper-realistic with very convincing chrome finishing that makes them look even better than many full metal airsoft pistols.  Tanaka Works is makes many models that few other manufacturers make, making the brand popular with collectors.

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