ARES is a leading manufacturer of rifles & SMGs with a huge library of airsoft guns spanning many models.  With an extreme passion for replicating real guns, the company's chief designer and often chooses major projects based on the collectibility and beauty of a particular rifle design.  That brings us rare and historic pieces like the ARES WA2000 or the ARES Lee Enfield that few other manufacturers dare to create, popping out from the sea of M4 rifles that everyone seems to have.  ARES reserves its name for its most high-end pro-line rifles that come in full metal or real wood.  The AMOEBA line is the company's Magpul-inspired sportline and is by far the more popular segment, and includes polymer-bodied AR 15 AEG rifles or snipers that focus on performance and aesthetic design but less on realism.  Popular models include the Ares Amoeba AM 009, Ares Amoeba AM 013, Ares Amoeba AM-014 (AKA Ares Amoeba Honey Badger), Ares Amoeba AM 016 , or the super compact Ares Amoeba CCR.  All of these have a programmable Ares Amoeba Mosfet for advanced trigger functions.  The affordable Amoeba sniper rifles include the Amoeba Striker AS01, Amoeba Striker AS 02, and Amoeba Striker AS 03, all of which can take an upgraded Amoeba Striker CO2 bolt for more power.  Check out these Amoeba Striker AST 01 CO2 Airsoft Snipers.  The range of ARES airsoft guns is diverse so use our Shopping Options filter to browse the full catalog.

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