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What is an Airsoft Motor?

For every electric airsoft replica, the most important part that keeps the gun running is the motor. It is the heart of the gun and powers it, as well as maintaining velocity and rate of fire (ROF). A standard motor is adequate for most stock gun builds, but will show its incapability in a specialized build.

For those builds that have high Feet Per Second (FPS), a standard motor will struggle to compress the heavier spring required for increased velocity. This will guarantee issues with trigger response, longer cycle time, or a blown fuse. At worst, it can cause the motor to burn out when it is not able to turn the gear set against the increased tension, or burning out the battery from excessive discharge. We suggest a high torque motor and high torque gear set to ensure your replica is operating at optimal FPS.

Builds that have a high ROF, can utilize a standard motor, but the results will not be optimal. A high-speed gear set and a standard motor will result in an increased ROF. But for optimal performance, a high-speed motor should be installed. 

Why do players use an airsoft Motors?

Airsoft motors are designed for airsoft replicas as using other motors could potentially lead to damages. 

Types of Airsoft Motors

Airsoft motors used in airsoft replicas can be broken down into two general configurations: long axis and short axis. Long Axis motors are used in Version 1 and 2 gearboxes. Short Axis motors are used in Version 3, 6, 7, and most LMG gearboxes.

Airsoft Motors from an Experience Players Point of View

Airsoft motors make airsoft gaming possible and fun, very different feel compared to GBB. But you have to consider that GBB is more for realism or milsim games. AEG will always outperform stock gas replica for gaming.