G&P Blackwater Silencer (14mm) (Black)

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  • Well-crafted aluminum silencer
  • Sound reducing foam
  • Licensed by Blackwater
  • Included 14mm Clockwise and Anti-clockwise adaptor
Blackwater was the most feared private military contractor firm for many years and this silencer is a licensed product.  Lightweight aluminum construction with an adapter that allows you to screw this onto any airsoft gun with either a 14mm counterclockwise (CCW) or clockwise (CW) threaded outer barrel.   Most manufacturers make threaded barrels that are 14mm counterclockwise, but G&P and SYSTEMA use clockwise thread.  No matter what, you'll be able to fit this silencer on to any gun with a 14mm thread.
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Adaptor is stuck inside suppresor

There suppresor itself is fine. It's high quality and doesn't scratch. However, the adaptor is now stuck inside of the can. This wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the blackwater logo. The blackwater logo is misaligned and makes the gun unaesthetic due to the stuck adaptor. I'm either force to pay $20 for some tool to forcibly remove it or buy something else to paint over the logo. Another problem I have is that I cannot open the suppresor. Meaning, if the foam inside were to get damaged or if I wanted to replace it over the years, there is no way to open it to get it out! [RedWolf] Hi. We are sorry to hear about your experience. However we checked with G&P, you should be able to remove the cap opposite of the Blackwater marking to access the foam in the suppressor. If you are having trouble, there is a chance factory put some Loctite to the threading. Using a heat gun or even a hairdryer at high heat to heat up the material should do the trick of loosening it. As for the adaptor, we have double-checked with G&P that if you wish to perfectly align the markings, you should place an o-ring at the threading so you can shim it to the right alignment. Hope those solve your problems.

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