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PRODUCT DETAILS ARES ASG SVD Sniper Rifle (Spring Cocking)

ARES ASG SVD Sniper Rifle (Spring Cocking)

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Product Code: SR-008
Weight: 3,730 g
Length: 1,100 mm
Capacity: 200 rds
Power: 390 fps
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
In stock
Unit Price: USD$158.00

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With a remarkable low price, ARES is presenting to you the classic sniper rifle from the soviet camp.

Being a spring cocking gun, the SR-008 does not take any battery nor gas, yet it gives an astonishing 390 fps, thanks to the very strong spring that surprises our team: prepare to use all your strength to pull the bolt. A really tight, robust gun for tough guys.

Cold as steel, most parts are in metal except handguard, grip, cheekpiece and magazine. Beautiful black finishing makes it a piece of arts.

Main features:
  • full metal body
  • one piece aluminium outer barrel
  • metal rear sight
  • hi cap magazine
  • steel folding stock (length of gun when folded is: 850 cm)
  • cheek pad adjustable
  • low price!

  • optional items (not included):
  • scope
  • steel bipod

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