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PRODUCT DETAILS APS Action Combat - Black (Clearance)

APS Action Combat - Black (Clearance)

Product Brand: APS
Product Code: ACP601B
Weight: 804 g
Length: 190 mm
Capacity: 23 rds
Power: 335 fps
Power Source: CO2
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: semi
Unit Price: USD$106.00
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The APS Action Combat bares similar specifications to the G Series except it is of APS's own design. Especially when it comes to the slide and the grip. Everything about the Action Combat is very cool. The ACP engraving on the left side, the one inch picatinny rail, the design of the front and rear sights the design of the slide and grip with the inclusion of the APS logo make it look especially 'slick'.

One design aspect of it I find especially strange is that the safely is ON the trigger itself, something you'd have to press with the left have if you were a right handed shooter. It seems rather inconvenient but it does the job.

Shooting it is what it all comes down to in the end. The CO2 gives the Action Combat a good solid kick, firing BBs down range at around 330-340 fps. The hop up unit needs to be turned up near its max to get the best of out of its accuracy and can easily be adjusted but taking off the slide, which also resembled the G series funnily enough.