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PRODUCT DETAILS RWC PTW Samson Rainier Arms Capability Tactical

RWC PTW Samson Rainier Arms Capability Tactical

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Product Code: RWCGUM-EG-01-0019
Weight: 2,738 g
Length: 790 mm
Capacity: 120 rds
Power: 400 fps (1.47 Joules)
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$2288.00

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Out of stock
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Yes, this is a custom Systema PTW and now available for order, this exclusive custom gun from the precision technicians of RedWolf the RWC Samson Rainier Arms Capability Tactical.

Based on the Systema Evolution PTW, this is not just another M4 but the culmination of years of experience from Systema, the Custom AEG Masters here at RedWolf and Airsoft Surgeon.

The PTW has a huge following of serious Airsoft players due to its precision performance. The PTW is known to out-shoot other Spring, Gas and AEG sniper systems that are more than DOUBLE the inner barrel length. The PTW system is considered a giant leap forward in the history of AEGs with the revolutionary gearbox and cylinder design. The PTW system allows the operator to interchange different power levels simply by changing the modular cylinder assembly within seconds, thus minimizing downtime when changing between fps ranges for indoor and outdoor use. PTWs original hop-up unit is designed for consistency and stability in conjunction with the thicker heavier weight PT-specific inner barrel.

Built on the base PTW Evolution, RWC custom added the following features. It comes with a Samson hand guard system where you can add rails and additional optics and accessories you wish. On top are two Troy Folding Battle sights. The receiver has a licensed Rainier Arms logo on it making it that much more bad-ass. It comes with a MOE stock and pistol grip and a 30 round PMAG.