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Magpul PTS Masada ACR (Black)

Product Brand:

Magpul PTS

Product Code: PT603680307
Weight: 2,874 g
Length: 845 mm
Capacity: 120 rds
Power: 330 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$450.00



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Check out our power upgrade options for this gun below to increase from 330fps all the way up to 440fps.

The original real steel Magpul Masada design represents an amalgamation of several recent rifle designs, incorporating what is considered by its designers to be the best features of each in a single, lightweight, modular rifle platform drawn from the most successful assault rifles of today including the AR-18, FN SCAR, G36, XM8 and M16. With the flair for ergonomic drama that Magpul has, they have blessed this weapon with sweeping curves and shapes to optimize user interface surfaces.

The Airsoft Masada ACR is a combination of different version real steel models incorporating the minor difference of both the Masada and the ACR hence it?s mashed name.

Externally, just like the real thing, the weapon is made of high strength low weight polymer for just the right balance of weight and strength for a contemporary assault rifle. The combination of metals and polymer also does wonders for the weapons balance keeping the weight spread out but centered exactly between the magwell and pistol grip for fantastic control. Internally, it is essentially like any other AEG; competitively on par with an M4 gearbox but with a better hop-up ensuring nice solid skirmish performance out of the box.

Textured surfacing on the pistol grip and magazine well ensure high grip in the right places. The fire selector and magazine release are both fully ambidextrous as is the bolt release catch which actually functions as the dummy bolt on this model cycles when manually cocked and locks. The stock is fixed with an adjustable cheek rest and a rubberized butt pad.

The front end can accept either Magpul style attachable accessories or the Magpul attachable accessory rails so you can add them should you wish (not included) but otherwise you can keep it clean as a nice lightweight, smooth ergo polymer front end. It even has sling loops on the stocks under side on the rear and up front on its left; it also has quick detach anchor points on the stock and on both sides at the front of the receiver.

Removing the front end, simply via one self retaining pin, access the forward wired battery compartment which can fit a small type 9.6v battery with which it clocks in at about 330 FPS feeding from its included 120 round midcap PTS Pmag (including dust cover clip). It has an integrated flip-up front sight which sits flush when folded away and has a rear MBUS sight as well. Otherwise, the top has a full length rail for affixing optics of your choice. The front end also accommodates then Magpul slot-accessory system on the sides for adding accessory rails as you see fit for the addition of accessories such as flash lights or lasers on the sides..

To our valued Magpul PTS customers, In regards to all warranty issues, please contact the retailer from which you purchased your Magpul PTS product. The retailer will assess the item to ensure that the issue is covered under the Magpul PTS limited warranty. If it is a legitimate warranty issue (and not as a result of user abuse and/or negligence) that has occurred during the warranty coverage period (30 days), the retailer will advise Magpul PTS of the necessary steps needed to repair the item or in extreme cases in which a repair cannot be made, the item will be replaced. For Magpul PTS purchases NOT originating from a Hong Kong retailer, you may directly contact the exclusive Magpul PTS distributor for the region in which you bought the item:

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