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PRODUCT DETAILS Deep Fire M4A1 Carbine (Silver Series)

Deep Fire M4A1 Carbine (Silver Series)

Product Brand:

Deep Fire

Product Code: DF-SS001
Weight: 2,620 g
Length: 885 mm
Capacity: 300 rds
Power: 330 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
In stock
Unit Price: USD$170.00

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Deep Fire offers their new Silver Series as an entry into the economical end of the market. By offering this tier of weapon, the internal parts manufacturer that is Deep Fire offers you a quality entry level M4 for a very reasonable price. The internals are almost the same as their more expensive rifles.

This budget weapon has a metal (Aluminium) receiver and barrel, polymer handguard, pistol grip and stock. It is rear wired (Deans Connector) with a crane stock battery storage solution, battery not included. The crane stock is telescopically adjustable to six positions to allow you to tailor fit it for your requirements on the fly. The stock tube is designed to take a lipo battery internally, in case you want to change the stock to something else (e.g. Magpul). The included high capacity magazine can hold 300 BBs, a nice magazine for the airsoft beginner.

All Deepfire internals with copper inner barrel (363mm), steel gears, full teeth piston (DF-CPP01), Aluminium POM Cylinder Head V.I and metal spring guide. Delivering 330 fps out of the box it is upgradable with standard springs, the metal piston head is capable of withstanding a high power spring if you decide to upgrade.

With a fixed front post and no rear sight, the weapon has a flat top accessory rail for the addition of aftermarket optics like scopes. The intention of this M4 is to give you a solid performance platform to grow from. Whether you are a beginner on a budget or a custom gun builder who wants a vanilla platform to start off from, this Deep Fire M4 is a great choice.

Note that this gun has a red DEANS T-shaped type battery plug. The NiMH or NiCD battery is stored in the CRANE type stock so get a CRANE type battery (sold separately). If you wish to use LIPO batteries, you can store them entirely in the stock tube. One example is GP863C. Look in the RELATED PRODUCTS section below.

The following regular batteries will also fit into a CRANE type stock: GP431, GP432, GP433

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