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PRODUCT DETAILS ARES M4A1 Carbine (Electric Fire Control System Version) - BK

ARES M4A1 Carbine (Electric Fire Control System Version) - BK

Product Brand:


Product Code: AR-009-E
Weight: 3,000 g
Length: 680 mm
Capacity: 300 rds
Power: 0 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$240.99



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Ares m4 with latest airsoft technology- electric fire control system.Replacing the unreliable oxidized triggers.Able to use high voltage battery and semi auto without melting the trigger.

It can't be programmed like an ASCU mosfet but it does protect your gun from using high voltage lipo and without melting the trigger when using semi-auto. It gives you more realistic trigger action and almost feel like a PTW.

Comes with a full aluminum body and CNC markings, attention to detail has been paid to things such as the bolt locking/bolt catch which is fully functional. The build quality is assuringly solid and has a good weight to it. A very good choice if you fancy having an all-metal M4 without having to buy and install the metal body kit yourself. It has a 300 round hi-magazine and fires a decent 390fps on average.

-Lipo Ready
-Metal sights &flash hider
-individual serial number
-Adjustable outer barrel, can switch to a shorter or long barrel easily.
-Electric Trigger (non-contact fire control gear box)
-Material: Nylon Fiber + Aluminum Alloy + Steel
-Fire Mode: Full Auto / Semi Auto / Safe
-Magazine: 300 Rounds
-Length: 680 ~ 868mm in 5 Step
-Hop up: Adjustable
-System: - Easy Power Step Up Metal Gear Box - Bolt Locking & Functional Bolt Catch
-Motor: High Torque Flat Motor