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Product Code: AR-001
Weight: 3,900 g
Length: 710 mm
Capacity: 130 rds
Power: 390 fps (1.4 Joules)
Motor: High Torque Flat
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$389.99

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Standard rifle used by the British Army - L85A2. This is a full size 1:1 realistic replica. Build materials are carefully selected- as claimed by the manufacturer the plastic on this AEG is the same type as used on the real thing! With full metal housing the gun is absolutely heavy with great markings. The metal cocking sound is nice and solid! Multi-function tool hidden in the grip of the gun just like on the real steel.

Uses regular 8.4v600mAh small type or special 9.6v batteries below. 130 round magazines included. This is an excellent looking gun that very close to the real thing. Very solid and rigid, and is very heavy to hold at almost 4Kg (8.8 pounds)! Strong plastic type STAR gearbox generates 390fps of whopping performance out of the box! STAR also makes a full metal (heavy!) 4X SUSAT sight that fits onto this L85A2 for ultimate realism (find it in our ACCESSORIES - SCOPES & SIGHTS section).

Suitable 9.6 volt batteries for this model are:

  • A-BATT011
  • A-BATT010

    Take a closer look: Photo 1 | Photo 2

    Star 130rds Magazine for L85A2 Series - Look in our Magazine - STAR - AEG std section Star 4X SUSAT sight - Look in our ACCESSORIES - Scopes & Sights section
    Star 130rds Magazine for L85A2 Series - Product Code: SAA-L85-M
    Star 4X Full Metal Susat Sight - Product Code: SAA-SC02

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