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Maruzen APS-2 OR Bipod Set

Product Brand:


Product Code: MRZ-4992487169621
Weight: 3,034 g
Length: 1,235 mm
Capacity: 24 rds
Power: 275 fps
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
Unit Price: USD$355.00



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Sniper rifles in Airsoft are all about shot-to-shot consistency. Sure, accuracy decreases the chance of missing your target, range helps you reach further; power gets your pellet there sooner and makes it more felt at long range. Ultimately though, however your rifles parameters line up, the most important think is that it shoots like that every single time you pull the trigger.

This is exactly why one leading school of thought for snipers is that spring-powered bolt action rifles reign supreme. The dynamisms of the electric guns gearbox means that air seals are tricky and shot to shot power will waver. Gas rifles, though they can be superior to electric, are subject to the harsh cold facts of physics, Boyle?s gas laws. Of course there are exceptions to the rules but overall the spring rifle is inherently more shot-to-shot stable due to simple fact of the technology on which it is based.

When it comes to spring rifles, there are many options but only a rare few hold the privilege of the top tier. Marui has the VSR-10 and L96 platforms and while these venerable classics hold fantastically well it is the APS-2 that claims the top spot.

The APS-2 is not just good, it is the best; hands down, the APS-2 is a full blown competition level performer. This is absolutely not an out-of-the-box skirmisher, this is a platform from which you build perfection.

Right of the bat, the weapon comes in at a Japanese legal appropriate 275fps; this is just the factory stock for Japan, for anywhere else in the world swapping out the spring is the most obvious second step. The obvious first step, of course, being to get your hands on optics. The weapon has a built in top rail, all you can to do is sort out the appropriate scope and mount to tune the optics just the way you like it.

That is just the beginning of course, a platform like this needs a good long think and a well executed plan of tweaks and modifications. It is not just about getting it to perform, its about getting to perform the way you want it to.

The APS-2 comes in different versions. The LRV comes with a standard length barrel where as the OR comes with a significantly longer one. The standard length is fine for shooting, the longer one is superior. The shorter one is easier to move with, the longer one is a bit tricky. Some models have polymer bodies, these come with bi-pods, other models forgo bi-pods but come with very high quality real wood bodies.

Exactly which base model you need is a solution you have to formulate for yourself however which ever model you end up going with you can rest assure that the APS-2 is absolutely a top spot performer capable of forming the core for the most accurate long range Airsoft sniper rifle you will probably ever own.