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The following is a list of external links to other websites which RedWolf Airsoft believes would be of interest to airsoft enthusiasts. Please note that we are not responsible for the accuracy of information, content and validity of links which are external to this site.

CQB wargame

Airsoft Information Portals

  • Arnie's Airsoft UK
    An excellent site providing English information on airsoft to the British enthusiasts! One of RedWolf's all time favorites!
  • Airsoft Pacific Strike Team
    APST is an all-adult mil-sim team based in Oregon & the Pacific Northwest (USA) - with members in the Salem and Portland areas. Excellent site!
    An English language forum based in Scotland.
  • Airsoft Barcelona
    A great Spanish website for players to talk on the forum and read the latest airsoft news.
  • AirsoftZone Denmark
    An airsoft information portal for enthusiasts living in Denmark
  • Airsoft Community Italia
    A community forum in Italy
  • Airsoft Mobile Ops
    An organization hosting Airsoft games in Spain!
    A French information portal for all things airsoft
  • Airsoft i Sverige
    A Swedish language website that covers airsoft in Sweden.
  • Airsoft Project (France)
    A popular french language portal used by French and Belgian players.
  • Airsoft Reports
    English language information site covering the latest news on Airsoft.
  • Airsoft Retreat - International Airsoft community discussion forum. Everything under the sun Airsoft from Guns to Milsim discussion plus Gallery, Reviews, Blogs and Links.
  • Airsoft Society
    International Airsoft Forum Community. Everything related to Airsoft from Guns to Milsim plus Gallery, Reviews, Blogs, Classifieds, Clubs and Links.
  • Chat Airsoft
    A nicely laid out airsoft information portal with forums, chat, blogs, RSS feeds. Truly multi-channel information updates on daily airsoft news!
  • Defcon Airsoft
    An airsoft informational portal located in the UK.
  • Das Spiel Airsoft (Austria)
    An airsoft information website based in Austria. Information on games and events.
  • [NL]
    The European information and promotion portal for airsoft.
  • Strikeball Russia
    A new Russian language portal covering airsoft in Russia
  • Strike News
    A popular airsoft information & news site in Russian.

Airsoft Teams

Manufacturer Sites

  • IASUS Throat Microphones
    IASUS innovative communications equipment such as radios, headsets, and throat mics as used by the US Navy SEALs.
  • KSC Corporation
    KSC Corporation manufacturers high quality gas blowback and non-blowback weapons. Their most famous line-up include the Glock series, the TMP, 93R and the M11.
  • King Arms
    Manufacturer of many accessories.
  • Tokyo Marui
    The premier manufacturer of AEGs, Tokyo Marui's site is in Japanese but sports some pretty impressive pictures of existing and new products.
  • Western Arms Corporation
    Western Arms, WA, is reknowned for premium gas blowback airsoft guns. Highly realistic and refined, WA pistols set the benchmark in airsoft.
    Manufacturer produce Ghillie Suit.

Partner Sites

  • Renchi - Import Games
    A sister company of RedWolf Airsoft, RenChi is a top retailer of video gaming consoles, games, accessories and other exciting stuff! If you like RedWolf for airsoft guns, then you'll love RenChi for video games! Come visit us!
  • Check Six Airsoft
    A well stocked retail outlet in Cebu, the southern part of the Philippines. Many of the great products found on our RedWolf site can also be purchased locally in the Philippines through Check Six!
  • The Q Project
    Based in San Diego, California, USA---The Q Project is RedWolf's alliance partner in repair service, modification and upgrades for North America. Visit them for the latest custom guns and complete services of Q Expert upgrades and highend in-house machining processes at either their retail store location or on the web at

Airsoft Related Forums

    Made by our dear japanese customer from Tokyo. Lots of airsoft news inside.

Airsoft Forum

  • US Federation of Airsoft Standards & Training (FAST)
    FAST is a non-profit organization that helps United States Airsoft enthusiasts collectively influence the development and implementation of national policy and apply creative leadership to Airsoft related issues.
  • US Pratical Shooting Association (IPSC)
    The official US site for International Practical Shooting (IPSC) with rules and events listed. Airsoft IPSC is huge globally and this site offers great information on how to carry over IPSC into airsoft for you locally!
  • Guns In Movies
    A cool site that attempts to identify the guns seen in many popular movies!
  • Close Quarters Simulations
    Offers CQB tactical training scenarios in the US.
  • Switzerland Gotcha Adventure
    A skirmish field in Switzerland - perfect for beginners to get into the sport!