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PRODUCT DETAILS KSC M93R II (System 7) (Full Metal)

KSC M93R II (System 7) (Full Metal)

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Product Code: KC76
Weight: 1,320 g
Length: 240 mm
Capacity: 32 rds
Power: 350 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Burst / Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$232.00

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Made by the Italian Beretta company, the M93R is a machine pistol with selective fire. The "R" stands for Raffica which in turn means "burst" in Italian. Designed in the 1970s it was meant for both military and law enforcement use, offering extra firepower in a small concealable package for purposes of VIP protection or for close quarters combat.

KSC has reproduced the classic M93R pistol complete with Semi, 3-burst, and full-auto modes. This is a full metal version. The KSC M93R Ver.2 is much more efficient than its predecessor due to its System 7 design and is able to fire an entire 32+1 mag on full auto uninterrupted!

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