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PRODUCT DETAILS UFC 4X26 SVD Red Illuminated Sniper Scope

UFC 4X26 SVD Red Illuminated Sniper Scope

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Product Code: UFC-SC-19
Length: 242 mm
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Unit Price: USD$97.00

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This scope is not just high quality, it is premium.
This scope is not just well formed, it is perfection.
This scope is not just good looking, it is sexy.

This scope attaches with the Soviet style side-mount bracket as found on AKs and SVDs; although this scope is purposed for SVD rifles, it would work just as well on an AK and might even look the part on something custom with a long barrel.

Running on 2x LR44 3v Lithium button cells (included) it turns on with the flick of the switch; what is normally an SVD scope reticule gains a red colored highlight to be seen in low light. Unlike lower quality scopes, the light does not wash out the tube in low light but in fact limits itself exactly to and no more than just the reticule markings.

If you have a luxurious SVD or AK weapon without a scope or just want to splash out on your beloved Soviet styled long rifle then look no further; this has to be the very best scope option out there short of an honest to god real steel SVD scope.

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