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PRODUCT DETAILS G&P PEQ-15A Laser Designator and Illuminator (Toy Only) - TAN

G&P PEQ-15A Laser Designator and Illuminator (Toy Only) - TAN

Product Brand: G&P
Product Code: GP959S
Length: 0 mm
Unit Price: USD$159.00

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Running on a CR123A battery (one included), this laser designator module is a multi-mode laser device.

Disclaimer: Please note this is a toy replica and should not be used for any real law enforcement or tactical use. Use of this device might be regulated or illegal in some countries so please check local laws before ordering.

In terms of output types it has a visible red laser, infra-red laser (invisible) and infra-red illuminator (invisible). Note that the IR output types are invisible to the naked eye and require IR (nightvision) vision equipment to see. Activations modes included red laser only, IR illumination only, IR laser and illuminator and IR laser only.

In terms of output modes, it supports low power constant on, high power constant on, low power on/off and high power on/off.

The device has an integrated push switch on its top side and comes with a removable cable switch as well. As it happens, this tiny little module is the smallest PEQ device we have seen so far in Airsoft and comes in at a diminutive 230g and attaches via a quick-detach throw-lever for standard 20mm accessory rail attachment.