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PRODUCT DETAILS Spartan Doctrine Light Weight AUG Phantom Kit

Spartan Doctrine Light Weight AUG Phantom Kit

Product Brand: Spartan Doctrine
Product Code: SD-SK-01
Length: 430 mm
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Unit Price: USD$62.00

Out of Stock


Full metal silencer kit for Phantom conversion to make your AUG a Phantom AUG. Full kit includes 2 segments of silencers that you can use separately or together for an ultra-long rifle. Comes with 2 RIS rail for installation of accessories.

430mm long x 40mm diameter; after installation, can accommodate 590mm - 730mm inner barrel depending on whether you elect to use the mid-section configuration.

Although it doesn't exist in real life, this fanciful modification first jumped on the scene many years ago and enjoys a cult following; the AUG phantom being so different is practically an alien next to the crowds of ARs out there, the silenced sniper look of this kit separates the (crazy) men from the boys.