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PRODUCT DETAILS Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon M4A1 Mad Max Evolution

Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon M4A1 Mad Max Evolution

Product Brand:


Product Code: NM4A1-MADMAX-E
Weight: 3,507 g
Length: 870 mm
Capacity: 120 rds
Power: 0 fps
Motor: 7512
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$2500.00



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Latest Systema PTW- The shocking Madmax.with extremely high muzzle velocity and rate of fire! 460++ FPS.

This time Systema is releasing into the market a product that was believed to be the domain of the physically impossible, let us introduce you the "MAD MAX".

Precision shooting requires a gentle parabolic orbit trajectory, a longer flight distance is achieved when the HOP combines with Power.

High power proves ones advancement in technology. Let us introduce the parts in the "Madmax'
-MAD MAX Exclusive M170 Spring
-MAD MAX Exclusive O-Ring for Stainless Cylinder
-MAD MAX Exclusive Cylinder Grease for bettering air seal and heat proof
-MAD MAX Exclusive Gear Box ・Planetary Gear box with "sun gear"
-MAD MAX Exclusive 7512 Type Motor
(as well as the 7512 Type Motor exclusive Grip)
-Mad Max Exclusive Lithium Polymer 14.8V / 1400mAh 25C lipo
The material for the spring used in our P.T.W. which is the SAE9254 was specifically developed for the valve spring, and is the most reliable material for the use of AEG For our MAD MAX, we conditioned the surface of the spring with our double shot-peening process to ensure an even stronger wear resistant product.

Lubrication in the Cylinder is an important problem in order to maximize muzzle velocity. Generally, Fluorine based grease is used, however there are various things that are unknown regarding this product. Systema sells the Cylinder grease to the general public, they formulated the grease with a little higher viscosity to be used in various types of cylinders. However, for the MAD MAX series Systema created special low viscosity grease exclusively for this product. There may be customers who think that ?all grease is the same?, however that is not the case.

MAD MAX Exclusive Gear Box
Contrary to the compact appearance, the extremely durable and high performance of the P.T.W. Planetary Gear Box has been re tuned for the MAD MAX. The spring used in the MAD MAX is an unprecedented in terms of load.
Mad Max Exclusive Lithium Polymer 14.8V / 1400mAh 25C Battery The Mad Max exclusive 7512 type motor is superior in startup torque, however is slightly lacking in the number of revolutions in comparison to the 7511 type motor.

Systema developed a new battery that dramatically increases the voltage thus supplementing the number of revolutions.

This battery will be able to comfortably go through one full magazine with Full Auto firing without any worries.

There are many users already familiar with the benefits of using LiPo batteries; such as it light weight, non-self discharging properties, no memory effects, usability in recommended chargers, and so on. The feeling of shooting using this battery will leave you shocked and speechless.

The trigger response to the P.T.W. in Semi-Auto mode already has a very crisp reaction speed; however in regards to the MAD MAX, Systema highly recommend experiencing the sensation of firing in burst patterns in Full Auto mode.

During the test Systema found that; with a fully charged battery 400 rounds of intermittent firing will produce no lag.

With the MAD MAX surpassing the SUPER MAX?s (24 rounds per second) overall speed using the M170 spring, it truly deserves the name "MAD"

Note: The fps quoted is for reference only, actual results might vary according to individual products.

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