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PRODUCT DETAILS G&P Thor Rapid Electric Gun-003 - Black

G&P Thor Rapid Electric Gun-003 - Black

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Product Code: GP-THR003
Weight: 2,720 g
Length: 600 mm
Capacity: 110 rds
Power: 330 fps
Battery Size: 7.4v with Small_Deans
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$441.99

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G&P Thor Rapid Electric Gun series joins M4 family, a brand that has garnered a reputation of quality, performance and compatibility to the point of setting the standard for all metal AEGs. It is the family of high ROF G&P AEGs.

With the exception of the textured polymer pistol grip and magazine, it is completely made out of metal with a few snazzy markings that really give it a coolness factor. The grip and telescopic stock have their own flair but you wouldn't find it on other G&P AEGs.

G&P internals are a promise of benchmark standards; the degree of quality, reliability and performance that set the trend for AEGs to follow. Good clean, solid performance you can count on and if thats still not enough they are highly compatible so you can talk to our engineers about jazzing up those parts to greater heights of power and rate of fire. We do recommend using 7.4 Lipo batteries. If you wish to use 11.1v lipo, we highly recommend buying the ASCU Mosfet system to compensate for the higher rate of fire.

The AEG comes with a 110 round mid cap magazine. G&P have decided to go with a quad rail system to accommodate the more lengthy style AEG. This makes it perfect for outdoor games as you can pick people off from a distance.