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G&P M4 Navy Seal

Product Brand:


Product Code: GP735
Weight: 3,700 g
Length: 910 mm
Capacity: 130 rds
Power: 360 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$403.00

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G&P, the brand that makes M4 AEGs that all others must be compared too; they started off by utilizing the technology pioneered by Tokyo Marui but varied with their use of metal bodies and high powered springs so as to cater to the tastes of the market outside of Japan.

Though G&P makes a few different base models of AEGs, a vast majority of their models and options are built around the AR platform. G&Ps AEG are benchmark quality with skirmishable performance and the golden standard in aftermarket compatibility with parts, accessories and upgrades.

This model combines an NSWC (Naval Surface Warefare Center) styled flat top rail metal receiver with a 10 inch (255mm) RAS handguard upfront and a 16 inch outer barrel (with an inner that runs up just short of the flash hider). The fire selector is marked with QUIET, SOLO and GO LOUD. The stock type used is a quriky looking skeleton frame stock with modular additions; it houses the battery space but is not length adjustable or folding. This model can take a large type battery in the rear and has a Deans type (T-connector) plug.

Clocking in at about 360-380 FPS, it has standard G&P power for an AR of this length; at this power it is equally appropriate for short range and mid range use so as not to inflict excessive amounts of pain on your target yet still be felt out to longer ranges. It comes with a 130 round midcap magazine, a type of magazine that continues to grow in popularity as a wind-less alternative to high capacity magazines.

This model does not come with a battery but does come bundled with a rail attach vertical grip, two rail covers, magazine and a telescopic sight with low type mount as well as a booster rail. The front iron sight is disguised flip up on the front of the top rail handguard and the rear iron sight rail attach type flip up. This models outer barrel has the G&P standard 14mm clockwise threading.

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