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G&G M14 EBR-L (Clearance)

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Product Code: EGM-014-HBA-L
Weight: 4,280 g
Length: 1,200 mm
Capacity: 470 rds
Power: 310 fps
Battery Size: 9.6v Nunchuck
Shooting Mode: Semi, Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$517.00
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Not too long ago, the US Military revised their M14 design to squeeze more operational lifespan out of it in the modern theater of war, the most obvious change being the rail system of course. Many brands have attempted the M14 EBR and G&G stands as a good example of a great result. The high metal content of EBRs can sometimes be betrayed with poor finishes or lower quality material but G&Gs is a testament how to do it right; not perfect, but certainly one of the better EBRs out there.

G&G took a slightly quirky approach to their build, making use of their own proprietary gearbox design but utilizing standard gearbox internals and implementing an AUG style hop-up system making adjustment easier and more reliable. The rail layout is generous but not over the top with the inclusion of rails on four sides but not terribly gratuitous on the sides or bottom (just enough for simple attachments) and retains a foregrip surface for convenient and practical battle rifle holding techniques which is further made more functional by the 6-position extend-able buttstock with rubber buttpad and smooth, mildly textured curved polymer checkrest. Uses a 500mm inner barrel.

This EBR features standard type accessory rails on the top including a small fraction of rail just in front of the rear sight allowing optics to be added appropriately for their correct eye relief. This weapon comes included with a G&G M14 Hicap magazine with the classically ridiculously massive capacity we have come to expect from 7.62mm NATO styled magazines.

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