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PRODUCT DETAILS G&G L85A1 (Super Holiday Sale)

G&G L85A1 (Super Holiday Sale)

Product Brand:


Product Code: GG-AEG-L85A1
Weight: 3,780 g
Length: 758 mm
Capacity: 450 rds
Power: 380 fps
Battery Size:
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$390.00
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A very well built rifle that feels very real. All new split-type gearbox design allows easy access for maintenance and upgrades. Full metal body and nicely textured grip and stock. Realistic field stripping action allows you to disassemble gun with minimal tools. Pre-compressed piston action prior to each shot just like the PSG1 for instant reaction - never miss a kill again! Tension release lever allows decocking the gun for storage. Full compatibility with Marui / Classic Army M4 / M16 magazines! Aesthetic blowback action (though G&G admits this function is not durable in full auto mode). Our tests at Redwolf indicate that you should disable (unlatch) the blowback mechanism for full auto use. Full auto will break the blowback latch, of which G&G includes some spares with the gun. Keeping the blowback function for semi-auto use proves fairly reliable.

Note that the STAR SUSAT sight will not fit onto the scope rail of this gun. Scope rail is 19.5mm wide and accomodates scopes where the scope rail clamp can open beyond 20mm wide. Non-threaded barrel does not allow installation of a threaded silencer. Specification:
- New Type Gearbox
- Automatic Recoil Bolt
- Functional Bolt Catch
- Realistic Field Stripping
- Realistic Gas Piston
- CNC Machined AL6061 One-Piece Outer Barrel
- Stamped Sheet Steel Body with Heat Treatment
- Nylon Fiber Handguard, Grip, Cheekpiece
- Rubber Butt Plate
- Grip storage for tool kit

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