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ARES AS36K AEG (NEW Version) - TAN

Product Brand: ARES
Product Code: AR-055
Weight: 2,964 g
Length: 718 mm
Capacity: 400 rds
Power: 430 fps
Battery Size: 7.4 LIPO, 8.4 NiCd
Shooting Mode: semi, Full auto
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Unit Price: USD$199.00

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The TAN AS36 from ARES is a family of AEGs patterned after a modern polymer bodied gas piston operated assault rifle. While ARES forgoes the 5.56mm round in favor of the 6mm BB, this group of AEGs still looks the part.

At its core, all the weapons are the same using the same internals and main receiver; where the specific models vary is the handguard length, barrel length and handle/rail/scope type. Some models also sport special accessories.

They clock in at around 360 FPS for reasonable mid range skirmish power and make use of a high capacity magazine of about 400 rounds. The realistic arrangement of the piston combines with the electric blowback for a realistic action. It might not kick as much as a gas weapon but for an AEG at this price level its pretty damn amazing.

The fire selector, magazine release and bolt charging handle are all ambidextrously accessible making it a good choice not only for left handed players but also veteran players in general who switch shoulders/hands on the fly.

The 36C has a long rail but the 36K comes with a scope much more like the original.
Note: The fps quoted is for reference only, actual results might vary according to individual products.