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G&P WOC M4 RAS (Super Holiday Sale)

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Product Code: WOC01
Weight: 2,950 g
Length: 850 mm
Capacity: 50 rds
Power: 370 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$597.00
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The G&P M4 GBB is in all essentialities a WA M4 GBB. But what sets the G&P M4 apart is that although the internals are still WA parts, they are in no way stock. Internally the G&P M4 sports an improved hammer set which featuring a bearing hammer pin set which enables the bolt to cycle smoother. With all other internal parts converted to steel, with the G&P hop-up chamber. Externally the G&P M4 is constructed from metal with an FRP grip, and a 6 position stock. Due to the improved internals and metal externals, the G&P M4 is extremely robust; it also fires with a very heavy blowback and a beautiful and satisfying metal on metal "clack" each and every shot!

The G&P WOC M4 RAS features a very nice M4A1 metal body finished in matte black, complemented with a RAS front set. The original manufacturer markings engraved into the body and the front set looks very realistic. The Military Type Red dot sight complements the G&P WOC M4 RAS, presenting the classic M4A1 RAS Carbine look.

Length (Retracted): 770mm
Length (Extended): 850mm

Package includes:

  • WA M4A1 Metal Body (Matte Finish).
  • WA M4 RAS Front Set.
  • WA M4A1 Steel Outer Barrel.
  • WA M4A1 Spare 50rds Magazine.
  • WA M16A2 Grip (Black).
  • WA M4A1 6 Position Sliding Buttstock (Black).
  • WA Hammer Set.
  • WA M4 Trigger Guard.
  • WA M4 Steel Stock Ring.
  • WA M4 Steel Sear.
  • WA M4 Bearing Hammer Pin Set.
  • WA Steel Bolt Stop
  • WA SPR Type Cocking Handle.
  • WA M4 Hammer Lock.
  • WA Steel Magazine Catch.
  • WA Steel Selector.
  • WA Steel Forward Assist.
  • WA M4 Aluminum Buffer.
  • RIS Grip (Black).
  • RIS Rail Cover (Black) x2.
  • Military 600m Flip Up Rear Sight.
  • Military Type L-Shaped Mount.
  • G&P Military Type 30mm Red Dot Sight (2x AG13 Batteries Included).
  • On Top Gas, the Muzzle Velocity is at an average of 385fps using .20g bbs (Temperature: 18 degrees).
    On Top Gas, the Muzzle Velocity is at an average of 370fps using .25g bbs (Temperature: 18 degrees).

    Although capable of using HFC134a gas as a power source, we highly recommend using Top Gas

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